My outlet trip...PIC's!!!

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  1. I've just gotta start off by saying this, NO Amanda bags or accessories at my outlet, and that's NOT FAIR!!! Anywho, enough whining! This is what I purchased MINUS a couple things I can't reveal because I can't decide what I'm RAOK'ing!!! This scarf I'm revealing is the new Valentine's Day Print and comes in both the square and ponytail style. The SA went and took this out of the back for me because she know's I drive quite far and she was afraid they'd be here and gone while I WAS GONE!!! What a sweety! PLUS found out that my outlet will be expanding to double it's size this spring..I'm being encouraged (heavily) to come work there part-time when this happens!!! We'll have to see, DH is not in love with the idea AT ALL!!!

    Madison wristlet in berry...$19.99 WOW!
    09' Valentine's Day ponytail scarf $26.99<----I had to grab this! What if they become hard to find???

    I also will reveal the 3rd item once I decide what my awesome RAOK buddy is getting!!! :yahoo:

    (It was sooo hard to walk out without a bag, but I stayed strong! The had Lindsay in black (1) but she was being purchased as I left, some convertible ergo's, alot of the lurex bags in black and gold, black patchwork Zoe's for like $120...I may have to sneak back up and get that one!)

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  2. Oh very pretty, I love that print! Thanks for sharing!
  3. nice haul :smile: i hope I can find that wristlet next time I'm at my outlet
  4. Oooh, pink and faves! I can't wait to go this weekend!
  5. nice! i have that wristlet too!
  6. Congrats! Love the Scarf!!
  7. Ooooh pretty valentines day scarf! I think I may have to add that to my wishlist. I love that and the wristlet of course! Very nice.
  8. Wow, awesome price on the wristlet, the scarf is cute too!!
  9. Wow!!!! Pretty things!!! I love that scarf, and I wish my outlet had that wristlet! Was this the only color your outlet had?
  10. Love the wristlet and the V-day scarf, I might have to get that scarf.
  11. Love your new purchases but I really love the scarf!!:heart:
  12. Love pink and purple! The scarf is really cute!
  13. I lurveeeeeeeee the valentine's day print! :drool: And awesome deal on that wristlet ! Congrats :biggrin:
  14. I love your scarf. Congrats!
  15. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Valentine print. OMG I may have to wander/sprint over to Coach tomorrow. Now I know what I want for Valentine's day, that twilly would look perfect on my bag. Sigh...