My Outlet Trip and a goodie from the mail

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  1. I hit my local outlet yesterday with a few items to exchange- and I had a pretty productive shopping trip. There were a lot of great deals to be had- plus I had a fun item arrive in the mail. I won't drag it out- only a few pics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Lets see, Lets see.....
  3. First- the goody in the mail. I :heart: her, but she is so huge...I had no idea she would be this big even with the description. I think I'm going to have to go for the Medium unfortunately.

    XL Legacy Lily in Black
  4. Now for the smaller items from the Outlet:
    [​IMG]All were 16.00 - valentines day gifts
    [​IMG] More gifts
    [​IMG]6x8 for $50!!:yahoo:
    and my Big find in the small items:
    [​IMG] $59 & 20% off- she has the lovely resort op art interior.
  5. More! More! More! :woohoo:
  6. Wow! Great finds! I espically love the Lily! :]]
  7. Now for the larger packages:
    $65 for the bag- $17 for the matching mini! These are a donation for our March of Dimes campaign. They will raffle them off and all proceeds will go to our campaign. I thought it would be a fun twist on our normal fund raising.
    $99 - this one is the large and she is so pretty, she's supposed to be a gift but we'll have to see if I can let her go.
    And my favorite finds of the day- the large Soho for $164.50 and Zoe wallet for $95. These were for me! Group shot in the next post! :wlae:
  8. Here's the group shot- thanks for letting me share! :idea:
  9. Awesome Haul!!! :tup::tup:

    I love the red patent hobo!!!! Just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

    Enjoy!! And thanks for sharing!!
  10. WOW thats definitely an outlet haul! Nice buys, congrats!
  11. Wow! Lovely haul! I am so jealous of your Lily! :woohoo:
  12. Wow, you got some great buys there. Congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone!!
  14. Wow! What an amazing haul! I love everything you got! Congrats!
  15. Wow that's a great haul! Congrats! :woohoo: