My Outlet Score!!!


Coach Addict
Jan 20, 2008
Hi Ladies,

I went to the outlet yesterday to return a bunch of impulse buys that I had. So I had a $600 credit much to my disbelief! :wtf: I scoured the place looking for a Black Leigh because I am dying for that bag or a Mandy. Couldnt find it But what I did find hiding behind some purses in the clearance section was a RED MIRANDA!! :drool: OMG! I snatched that purse up so fast. It was $499.99 with a 20% discount. So I got it for $399.99. I also let my daughter pick out an umbrella for me. I then went to Macy's to return a denim swingpack that I have not used yet, and got a pair of Black and grey Meagan gym shoes. OMG are they sooooooo soft. So I went shopping and got money back!! My husband was very happy with that. That is the best way to shop! :wlae:

So without further adue here are some pics. The first pic of the Miranda looks orange but the 2nd picture is its true red color.


I am so excited. AND I went on Ebay and found my Mandy!!! Here is the link...

I am soooooooooo excited!!!!


Apr 5, 2007
Congrats, you are on a roll!!

Can't wait to see pics of the Mandy but the Miranda is so pretty and you got a great deal! The sneakers are very cute too.. love the stripe.