My outlet REVEAL!!!

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  1. My first Lindsey and leather tote!!! Super happy and satisfied. Now I want an Aegean lindsey so badly.
    image-2352082935.jpg image-3685601307.jpg image-2291369098.jpg
  2. Nice haul!! I love that you have the matching saffron wallet, such a pretty color.
  3. wow! love the pop of colors of the lindsey and tote! i would love to get the saffron, fuschia and aegean in the lindsey style...omg! all these outlet reveals are superb!!! enjoy them all...
  4. Twins on Saffron (got her today) twins on Fuchsia - had her....
    love the tote and we might be cuzins bc I am getting tote in acorn
  5. Thanks!!! I'm super happy to find the matching wallet.

    I LIKE colors!!!! I also want to get every color of lindsey. They are beautiful and hard to resist. :P
    Glad we are being twins. I appreciate all your helpful info about outlet deletes. You saved me a lot $$$. Congrats for your new bags!!! :biggrin:

  6. You are welcome
  7. Beautiful bags! All these reveals are killing me! May need to take a ride to the outlet. Enjoy!
  8. Love all the colors you got! Congrats on all your goodies!!!
  9. Great scores!
  10. twins on fuschia. I have her with her matching capacity wristlet and card case, all from the outlet. :smile:
  11. Gorgeous! It's so funny to me - I have the exact same palette but in different bags! Saffron and Aegean Lindsey and a Fuschia Abigail. I was tempted by the Aegean card holder but I really didn't need one so I got two Madison capacity wristlets in Fuschia and Black instead! I need to take a minute tomorrow and snap some pics - my reveal will look a lot like yours! :biggrin:

    Congrats on your new lovelies!
  12. Love It!
  13. Wow! I love all your new goodies twins on the fuchsia Lindsey:smile:
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    Yes, go hurry!!:graucho: I hope you find something you like!!

    You are so lucky. My outlet has not anything on fuchia, but only saffron and aegean. Congrats for your finds!
    Haha, it looks funny to me too :biggrin:. Good selection for the wristlets. My outlet doesn't have any madison wristlets, sigh. I can't wait to see your reveal!!!

    Congrats on your new lovelies![/QUOTE]
  15. Congrats! Twins on the fuchsia and tote. Love the matching wallet, too. Couldn't find any wallets or wristlets at my outlet. Enjoy!