My Outlet Haul!

  1. Outlet Haul.jpg

    We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for Spring Break and I guess I went to the Foley Coach Outlet every day! :heart:

    I got a Black Signature Multifunction Tote (10080, the big one), Black Signature E/W Demi, Black Signature Mini Skinny, Pink Mini Sig Umbrella, Black/Gray/Silver Hamptons Patchwork Scarf, Black Leather Soho Framed Wristlet with Kisslock, "B" Charm, "C" Charm (gift for my student teacher), and not pictured ~ the same demi in Khaki Signature with White trim and an "M" Charm for my daughter. She already took posession of her things!

    The SA's were SO NICE there. Needless to say, I was on a beach vacation and I didn't dress my best. They were great. On our last day there, when my daughter was picking out her demi, she was excited to find a dust bag inside it. The SA said, "Do you need some dust bags?" I said I could probably use one...she pulled out 5 in different sizes and put them in my bag!:yahoo:

    They had lots of great stuff there, I would highly recommend it to anyone who plans to be in the area!
  2. Wow. Sounds like you had a great time! You got some very good goodies. :yahoo:
  3. Wow, sounds like you got great stuff - post pics!
  4. Excellent stuff! I LOVE the framed wristlet! I just added that to my wishlist yesterday, lol. Though I do have a suede one coming that dh got me...still got my eye on a leather one, lol.
  5. Did the pic not show up? I tried to put it in!
    Outlet Haul.jpg
  6. They had it in black, camel, and white with camel trim. I think it is very cute...daughter is also going to carry it to prom.
  7. looks like you have a fun day at the outlet. Now I want to go!
  8. I'm loving the Black Tote! thanks for sharing.
  9. Lucky girl :yes: I'm thinking of getting the black in leather...if and when I ever get to an outlet! And of course if they even have them at mine. Ah well, if it's meant to be...
  10. fabulous! TFS

  11. I LOVE the Foley outlet stores, they are awesome, especially the Coach one. The SA's are always polite and unassuming; my family and I used to go to Gulf Shores every year and I always went in the Coach store even though I never really bought anything. Sounds like you made quite a haul! Awesome! Enjoy!
  12. Great deals! You got all your seasons covered!!!
  13. Very nice. You really found some beautiful things at that outlet store!!! Really pretty!!!!
  14. Great haul! Congrats!
  15. Great finds!! :nuts: You've got a great variety of pieces there!! Love them!!