My outlet haul today!

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  1. Ok - since all you ladies are posting your wonderful PCE hauls...I gotta start a thread on my wonderful outlet haul today! I hope others will post their weekend outlet finds here too!

    This is the first time in a long time that I went in wanting something, and they HAD IT! I wanted 3 things specifically - they had them all! The duffle, the charm, and the wristlet!

    The wristlet is for my SIL for her birthday (she has the tote and wallet...hope she doesn't have this already!) It was the only one in the store...snagged that sucker fast!

    Spent about $ everything I got!

    (sorry for all the pictures...I love taking pics!)


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is where my smiley face is going:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Delish!!! fabulous haul girlfriend.
  3. everything looks great!! love the smiley on your green hamptons. congrats!!
  4. Love it all! What great finds. I wish my outlet carried signature.
  5. Thanks all!

    The outlet I went to is 1.5 hours away...the other one closer to me (about an hour) never carries I try to go to this further one once in a while...I've had really good luck there on my last 3 trips (a patent tote, a legacy shoulder bag, and now this duffle)
  6. nice stuff dewey! enjoy!
  7. Hey dewey can i ask what outlet you went to and how far it is from nYC?
    :smile: thanks!!
    i went outlet shoopping yesterday but i didnt see anything that great, but that bag is really great!
  8. Lee, Mass...exit 2 off the Mass Pike.
    It's in the BOONDOCKS!

    From, say, Hartford's about and hour and 15 minutes. Not sure about NYC...sorry
  9. haah o wow all the way out in MASS :smile: def too far from NYC for me hehe

    I was thinking maybe it was in CT or PA but MASS you were determined! :smile:
  10. Beautiful items!!
  11. not really...I grew up in parents are still's only about a half hour from their house...and I had nothing else better to do today! (Really, that's why I love living in New can drive 3 states in 2 hours if you are determined. heheh)

    the outlet in Clinton, CT does not carry signature. however, I love that outlet center WAY more than the one in Lee .
  12. awesome finds! i'm off to the outlets now. i hope i have good luck too!
  13. Congrats on the great haul!
    Did you get the meduim or large duffle? :0)
  14. the smaller of the two avail (it's either the 'medium duffle' or the 'duffle' I got the 'duffle'...10402)

    I had both in my hands (10402 and 10403)...just felt the 10403 was a bit big for me..but there was only a $20 price difference in this color.
  15. Wow. Awesome haul! Congrats :biggrin: