My outlet finds!!!

  1. SO I went to Woodbury Commons... and it was pretty much the same.. hit or miss...

    this is my loot:


    the perfume print towel was 39.99
    watermelon keyfob 9.99
    scarf, i think 28
    trigger snap keyfob, no idea lol
  2. Very pretty:love: They would look GREAT with a magenta bleecker!:idea:
  3. Cute, love the colors!
  4. there's a perfume print towel?!?!? omg, i want that!:nuts:
  5. I love the towel. Congrats!
  6. That watermelon keyfob looks yummy! :p
  7. I love your loot!!!!

    You will get your magenta bleecker soon! I know it!
  8. You always find the good stuff at the outlets! lol. Congrats on the haul!!
  9. Omg!!! I really want that watermelon charm. Nice haul :tup:
  10. very cute!
  11. Cute! That charm is on my wishlist! But now that I live so far away from the outlets, I doubt I'll ever get it unless I decide to get one off of eBay.
  12. I love the towel! I have never seen a Coach towel before....I may have to run to the outlet sometime this week. ugh.....
  13. great deals @ the outlets.. i cant wait to go!
  14. Love it all!! Especially the colors!!!
  15. Cute goodies!! BTW, have you started your new job yet?? I'm dying to hear how it's going for you (I'm jealous)!