My Outlet finds...what do you think?

  1. Hi, I went to the Hershley's outlet last week and here is what I found. Just wanted to show you what I found! This is the first time I am posting a pic on this site so please forgive me if it is not the best!

    Coach Chelsea Hobo in Toffee... really lovely bag. They had the Chelsea satchel as well but I really liked the hobo much better. It was $299 +20% off + $223.99!

    Coach Canvas Shoulder Bag- Citron - I got it for $143.99!

    and the one I am the happiest about...

    Coach Khaki/Gold Shoulder Bag for $191.99 :yahoo::love: :heart:

    Please let me know your opinions...especially on the citron canvas one... I was on the fence on that bag but decided to get it anyway. Thanks.
  2. Love them all- especially the Coach Khaki/Gold Shoulder Bag - good deals!
  3. loving it all! esp the khaki the gold!!!
  4. awesome findsss!
  5. They are very pretty I love them all including the citron. Congrats!!
  6. Great finds! I love the chelsea and pocket shoulder bags.
  7. Excellent finds!! I personally love the citron. It's so fresh and vibrant.
  8. Thanks, ladies! I drove two hours to get to that outlet! I am about 45 minutes away from the Woodberry Commons outlet but I never find anything there! So I drove all the way to Hershey's. I bought these three bags and gold wristlet for $24, watermellon key fob for $10!, goldfish key fob and my initial key fob for $10. They had really nice things. I bought a few extra key rings for gifts. I bought quite a few things but it was such a long drive that I didn't want to pass on anything and then regret it!
  9. i love all of them!! the citron will be great for spring.. or winter, i think it'd pop if you wore it with black.
    the gold/khaki signature is really nice

    where's the rest of the goodies you're talking about?!? ; P
  10. Awesome finds! I love the citron, I have it in the slim flap and carry it often! The frog keyfob looks really cute with the citron trim! I've been carrying it even into the fall! The citron is a nice pop of color! Congratulations on your great deals!
  11. Great finds......especially the khaki/gold shoulder bag!!
  12. ohhh can we see some pics? im closest to woodbury too but that outlet is usually not so good. So hershey is a signature outlet? If I knew you were going, I would have asked to bum a ride!!! :p
  13. Wow! Love them all! Good haul :tup:
  14. I really love all your choices! The citron legacy is so pretty and great for the warmer months-- and you still get that legacy lining!

  15. Ok now I completely forgot about the bags when I saw pics of those two cutie pups!!!
    Beagles are my love. I have a mix beagle. Dogs are my first passion, then jewlery shoes and bags. Put me in a room with all that and I would be so happy.
    They are adorable!!:drool: