My Outlet Finds On Friday 1/11

  1. :heart:The mini skinny was: 23.99
    The wristlet was: 31.99
    The Key Fob was: 24.00
    The Scarf was: 31.99:heart:

    I have to continue on the next page
    bleecker bags and stuff 004.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 005.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 006.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 003.jpg
  2. Woah! Thats a lotta pink!! But i loveeeee it all!!!:tup:
  3. wow, that's so awesome
    can the wristlet still be ordered from jax?
  4. lotsa pink! I like it :biggrin:
  5. I also got:

    The Bleecker Ink Duffle : $175
    The Matching Checkbook Wallet: $143
    Ink Mini Skinny: $23
    The Wine Duffle: $191 (now I can bring the full price one back)
    Wine Wristlet (small) $31
    Wine Wallet: $103
    I already had the larger wristlet but I think I will bring it back to boutique
    Teal patent wristlet: $31.99
    Legacy Sig wristlet: $55.99 ( I can wear this with my Brown Chelsea Optic Satchel)

    I also got a star keyfob for $9.99
    An "S" Charm for $9.99

    So I was a BAD girl!!!!!:yes:
    bleecker bags and stuff 011.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 013.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 024.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 026.jpg
  6. My Mom got my daughter the pink pouch for Christmas (much to my dismay). I loved the little accessories, but she is NOT getting them!!

    I don't know if the little lurex wristlet can be ordered from JAX but if you are close to an outlet, call them and I'm sure they will hold one for you!!
  7. Your pink keyfob is too cute!!
  8. Wow. I was there last night and got some things. I wonder if we passed each other. Lol.
  9. Great haul!! Love all your pink -n- sparkly! :tup:
  10. That would have been awesome. But I was there around 11:00 am, when my children were at school.:tup:
  11. That's a great haul!
  12. Btw, nice haul. I was standing around drooling yesterday. :biggrin:
  13. Wow! What a haul. I love all of the pink. I :love: that scarf!!!
  14. WOW, you had some fun, girl!! Nice finds!
    LOVE the raspberry lurex!! Did they also have the silver lurex?
  15. I don't remember the silver but they did have the black and gold pouches, mini's and wristlet's. :yes: