My outlet find today!!

  1. Hi there! I went to a new coach outlet that opened up today and look what I picked up.

    It's called the minisignature lunch tote. It's so cute!! I'll probably return one of my other bags that I recently bought now that I have this one. ;)
  2. That is very cute!! I've never seen it before.
  3. Aw, I like that!!
  4. cute bag thats the first time I saw that one..
  5. That is a cute bag! Congrats on your find! :smile:
  6. Great find!!! I can't wait until there is an outlet close to me !!
  7. I am a little ??? Why coach uses names like this, like you are actually gonna use it to put your lunch there.. lol.. just kidding

    Great bag, congrats and welcome to tPF.
  8. I love the siggy/white combo!
  9. At first I wasn't going to get it but then I found out that the price of $189 was exclusively for this weekend only since the store just opened today. The factory price is originally $309! The SA also told me that their store was the first in CA to receive the bags! Anyways after today I am on a Coach ban until June. We'll see how long that lasts. ;)
  10. Good luck on your ban--but it was worth it!
  11. Very cute bag! Congrats!!
  12. I've always wondered this too. Do people really carry lunch in their Coach lunch totes? I'd be scared because no matter how carefully I seal everything up, there is always something that drips or leaks and I wouldn't want to damage a Coach!
  13. Cute! I have never seen that one before! :okay:
  14. I don't know why it's called a lunch tote but i will be using it as an everyday handbag. It fits me perfectly since i'm petite. It's not too big or too small of a handbag.
  15. Pic of my new purse in comparison to the others. As you can tell i love the mini signature collection!