My Outlet Deletes!

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  1. I didn't find everything I wanted but ended up with a few I wasn't expecting to like and am very happy with all of it. Can't beat the prices, $2300 of FP deletes for just under $900! So happy I skipped PCE. Here's to c4c who has taught me to wait, BOOYAH!



    And my new totes

    Will try to get pics of the accessories in a bit.
  2. IS that an acorn Madison tote ??? How much ??? I have to call today to take a bag off client track and might has to add that one :smile:

    Awesome finds.. I have the patent madison and LOVE IT!! she is such a great bag!!
  3. Yes, it is the Madison acorn tote and I love the color! It was $125. Here is a better pic for you. Go get it! Lol

  4. i am so so all your bags....I wish i had your luck at the outlets.
  5. What a great stash you got....bag twins on the Fuschia :smile:
  6. What an amazing haul! Love all your new bags...big congrats!
  7. Beautiful bags!! Great haul.

    Twins on Lindsey. I love that bag!!
  8. You know i'm not a brown person but this is HAWT!

    Can you send me the info on the tag please...

  9. wow! i love them all... great Coach goodies u have there... i may have to visit the store today to see what they have... yup, we do learn a lot from CFC09!!!
  10. Here you go. You can't see it but the lining is a rich purple, too!

  11. Thanks. My outlet is small but I stalked them this time around and probably drove them crazy!

    My first Lindsey but so pretty. Enjoy yours!

    Thank you!

    Thank you! The fuchsia is prettier than I expected.

    Today is the day to go because it will all sell quickly. Hope you find some great stuff!

    Ugh, they just called to say they have an acorn Lindsey on hold for me, too. Should I keep the tote or swap for the Lindsey? I love Sophias so I only have one Lindsey (fuchsia) plus three totes. Decisions, decisions...
  12. They are ALL gorgeous! Lucky you! It's good I'm expecting people at the house today, otherwise I'm afraid the lure of the outlet would overwhelm me. Aauuugh!
  13. Now that's a haul! Congrats!
  14. What accessories did you get or did they have?!

    Triplets on the fuschia Lindsay :smile:
  15. thank you much! I will be making a call soon,