My outlet buys!

  1. Today I went to the Tannersville, PA outlet (my first time at an outlet store) and picked up a couple things that I'd like to share. I took 2-3 passes around the store before I found these. I was on a mission to find a black leather Bleeker flap or a black Ali, but no luck. Anyway, here are my new purchases.

    Madison Lurex Mini Skinny in Raspberry $23.99

    Suzie Sunglasses in Burgundy $63.20
  2. Gorgeous buys!! Love all the pinks!
  3. Great buys. My outlet hasn't had sunglasses. You Lucky Lady!
  4. Did you find the sunglasses at the COACH outlet? I have never seen sunglasses there.
  5. Very cute!! That was a great first trip!!
  6. I love the suzie sunglasses. Congrats!
  7. aww those are both so cute!!! congrats!

    i wish i had a coach outlet by me. i really wish i had bought that mini skinny while it was in stores.. You got it for a great price!!
  8. Love the sunnies!! I didn't know outlets carried them. Did they come with the case too?
  9. those glasses are too cute!
  10. Congrats! Love the sunglasses!
  11. Love both but especially the sunglasses! I love the little butterflies on there :love:
  12. VERY CUTEE!!! I love the sunglasses
  13. Love your purchases. I wish I could find those sunglasses at my outlet, I love them!!
  14. Yes, they were in the glass showcase where the registers are. There were only like 5 pairs there. These were the only Suzies. The others were very big and square, not my style.
  15. Yes, they did come with the case. I just forgot to put it in the picture.