My Outlet Buy and My New 'Collection' Pics

  1. Okay, so I went to the outlet in San Marcos today. They don't have as good of a sale as they had last week - maybe because it's spring break!?!? Anyway, I did find a nice swing pack - Hamptons Black with Blue/Teal detail. It was the last one in that color! I wanted to get a Hamptons Weekend Tote, but the only color I liked was the black and I really want to get a bright color, so instead of paying $149 just to get one, I'd rather pay $50 more and get the GREEN one at the store!!!
    I also wanted to get something to hang from my new Ergo Hobo, but they didn't have my initial and didn't have any others to choose from. Bummer....guess I'll have to check back soon! If anyone has any suggestions on what would look good hanging from my Ergo, please let me know!!:yes: is my collection now: I have my new Ergo Signature Hobo (just got it yesterday); Signature Stripe Wristlet in Punch; Black Hamptons Swing Pack; Signature Fish Demi; Black & White Demi. I think I am satisfied...FOR THE MOMENT! :graucho:
  2. PICS!?!?!

    Please share...

  3. is the pic of my 'babies'! :p
  4. ooohh cute collection...congrats!
  5. I absolutely LOVE your signature hobo... I'm seriously thinking about getting one for myself!!!

  6. Very cute. Love, love, love the Ergo! Hoping my DH will spring one on me for our upcoming anniversary.
  7. oo the ergo is hot!
  8. Love the bottom left bag-
  9. nice... congrats!
  10. You know what charm would look good on all your bags? The lips charm. Those were at some of the outlets I believe. The red would pop against the brown and the black! The flower charm would be pretty too! Nice collection!
  11. Great collection! The lips would look great on your bags.
  12. GREAT collection! Lovin' the Ergo Hobo!
  13. Thank you for the charm opinions....where have you seen the lips and how much is a good/fair price for it? I am looking on eBay and the cheapest I've seen is $35 (including shipping). I was at the San Marcos outlet today and they didn't have anything cute like that...only the Initial ones, but none in MY initial. Oh well...If anyone knows where I can find a great price on the lips, please let me know!! Thanks!:yes: