My Outdoor Pic!

  1. My most rugged Chanel ever...
  2. i love it! is it the diamond stitch hobo?
    can u post pic modeled? :p
  3. my sista! i love it. i love this hobo, it's such a good size. very cool.
  4. What a beautiful bag. How big is it? This is the first time I saw a picture of this style. I really love it.
  5. It's the Outdoor Ligne Hobo and it is so roomy and huggable!!
  6. its lovely :smile: pls post modelling pics
  7. lovely!!
  8. I'm not the modeling kind but if you look at the Chanel Reference section there are some modeled.
  9. It's nice!
  10. Very nice
  11. Coldplay- I love it! It's a great everyday bag. Enjoy it...
  12. Congrats! It's a nice bag.:yes:
  13. gorgeous! congras!
  14. Congrats Coldplaylover on your new Chanel baby. =)
  15. Congrats on your new bag!:flowers: