My Outdoor Hobo and What DH Has to Say About It

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  1. Yesterday I bought a Midnight Blue Outdoor Hobo from a friend (pics posted in Authenticate It thread). I've been eyeing pics of the bag for a while but have never seen it IRL. Anyway, I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. For me, it's what I wanted my Cabas to be. The big PLUS is that it's not heavy at all! I also love that I can keep the zipper open even with the bag full and stuff doesn't fall out of it:smile:

    Anyway, DH saw the bag lying on the bed. I held my breath and waited for comments ("another bag, honey?") but there were none:sweatdrop: I put my things in the bag and modeled it in front of the mirror. Again, no comment.
    This morning I wore the bag to church (no comment), put it in my lap in the car. Ah ha. "Is that a new bag? It looks really nice!"

    We get to my parents' house for family lunch, I put the bag on a chair and he says "Is it blue? I thought it was dark grey with flecks of blue. It's amazing how the color changes with the light. That's pretty cool!"

    Now my DH totally gets my bag addiction but he is also nothing but a Man's Man.
    I find it highly amusing when he starts to notice things he wouldn't have years ago...

    Well, here are a few pics. First 3 are with flash, 4th is without, and the last is my sister modeling the bag:smile:
    DSC01606.jpg DSC01607.jpg DSC01609.jpg DSC01601.jpg DSC01599.jpg
  2. The color is really hard to capture. In certain light it looks like a deep purple.
  3. It looks fabulous on you! Congratz! :tup:
  4. awwww that is soo sweet of your DH to say! I love when guys pay attention to such minute details, it shows they care!!

    lovely bag, wonderful DH! both are definitely keepers!
  5. looks great!! i am trying to get my hands on one too!! congrats!!!

    i wish my SO will be as sensitive about bags as him.. everything looks the same!! lol
  6. I absolutely love this bag in this color! I should have grabbed the blue tote when it was on sale. The Outdoor ligne is one of my favs.
  7. great bag, love the color especially... even your DH picked up on the cool color
  8. btw that bag looks great on you!
  9. Congrats on your new bag ! It looks so lovely on your sister and glad your DH liked it too!:yes:
  10. Love the colour.
    I'm happy when my DH is happy with what I've bought so I know his comments made you really smile!!!
  11. I have it in's a great bag so enjoy!!
  12. Thanks, all! I have to say I think it's going to be a real favorite. I feel so lucky to have found it! I carried it all day today and I just love how it slouches but doesn't fall over. I thought things would be sliding around in it, but everything has managed to stay in place. I absolutely love it!

    As for DH, he is getting better and better at these things (thank goodness he is blessed with a poor memory LOL). He also has opinions about which of my Balenciagas he likes best:smile:
  13. i really quite like the bag! i would love to get one if i didn't have bags that have washed distressed caviar.. (i've got the diamond stitch and cabas in this leather) it's a pretty color! i absolutely love navy blue and the wonders of discovering its true color!!
  14. Sounds like your DH and the Outdoor Hobo are real keepers! Congratulations!
  15. [​IMG]




    LOvely bag...congrats:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: