My Ottone sloane is here!!!!! Lots of pics..

  1. After waiting for 2 months and hounding my poor SA since end of Nov last year they finally got their shipment here yesterday. In fact most of the european boutiques got their shipment at the same time because I received about 3 different e-mails from the other boutiques I had waitlisted with lol! I bought it today because I had to go and check out this beauty in person and of course browse through the SS collections which will be on sale next week. They had the ottone cabat as well, but try as I might and I really wanted to , I guess I'm just not a cabat kind of gal, the double strap keeps falling off my shoulder and the tucked in sides keep pinging out when I try and get in and out of the bag. :crybaby:

    The sloane on the other hand is AMAZING, I know some pfrmers find it bulky but honestly you have to unstuff this bag and put your stuff in and try it out, it is sooo comfortable on the shoulder and the drape is TDF!!!! The ottone itself is such a gorgeous metallic, even though I'm not too big a fan of metallics, I love the distresed look of the gold sparkles on the cream goatskin. I love it so much I've already waitlisted for the french flap wallet.:heart::heart::heart: Now time to find that USB cable, I'm sorry I took the pics in a real hurry because daylight is fading fast...
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics.

    Oh and I'm not a Cabat girl too though loving the Ottone very much! Also eyeing a wallet in Ottone.
  3. Ms Piggy, You beat me to it!!!! Here they are taken in natural light, the modelling pics are crap beacuse I was rushing but I will take different modelling pics for the action thread...
    ottone 003.jpg ottone 004.jpg ottone 005.jpg ottone 001.jpg ottone 002.jpg
  4. A close up of the colour...
    ottone 006.jpg
  5. Gorgeous!!! The slouch is indeed nice. And do I also spy a H belt??
  6. wow.. congrats syma.. it's so pretty.. I love sloane too, it's so comfy.. plus you have it in ottone:nuts:.. i'm so envy you...
  7. Syma, that is PERFECTION. Absolute perfection. And it looks wonderful on! Enjoy the bag - it is a rare beauty!
  8. Beautiful bag Syma. You must be over-the-moon! Wear it in good health.
  9. Oooo, that is pretty! And it looks great on you!!
  10. Such a fabulous bag in metallic! Congrats!
  11. Wonderful syma! You look fantastic with it on.
  12. Thank you so much, CutieKiara, MistiKat, Nizlay, Kiss P, Kat, Hovercraftier and Ms Piggy for your Kind words. I'm so over the moon with this bag and wanted one soooo badly after seeing everyones pics on the forum, but it wasn't available and the boutiques wouldn't SO this colour, so I am indeed very lucky that they reintroduced these few pieces for us second-timers.

    Ms Piggy, yes that is a H belt, I borrow it from DH from time to time, I bought it for him about 6 or 7 years ago and it is still going strong, he just recently changed the buckle to brushed silver.
  13. Syma... shes GORGEOUS!!!!! COngrats :tup:
  14. I gasped at the title, now I'm hyperventilating!!


    This is beyond words - drop dead GORGEOUS, Syma!!! somehow reminds me of Sahara Desert at sunset. CONGRATULATIONS!! It looks fabulous on you!!:yahoo:
  15. that baby really is a beauty. breathtaking!