My Ottone Cabat arrived today

  1. [​IMG]



    Thanks to the new store in Houston, I was able to grab my hand on one of the last 3 Ottone Cabats. It's such a darling! I am still amazed by the details of the bag and I cant seem to take my hands off of her.

    I will consider taking some action pics--but being 32 week pregnant doesnt really make me very photogenic :sweatdrop:
  2. Wow, I´ve never actually seen it IRL, but telling from the pictures, it`s TDF!

    Congratulations on your new and your still unborn baby!
  3. congrats!! :smile:
  4. amazing bag. I would love to see some action photos!
  5. beautiful bag. enjoy her!
  6. omg.. congrats! i love that bag, but really can't afford the luxury of having one right now. i settled for the continental wallet instead. but it's such a beautiful bag.
  7. Congrats! GREAT colour!
  8. congratulations!! would love to see the action pics. being 32 week pregnant, you must be glowing gorgeous just like your new ottone cabat!!

    ps: love your groom wallet also!
  9. amazingly beautiful....congratulations. And all good thinng for you and your family!
  10. Wow! Having such a rare BV must feel awesome. Congrats on the bag and your soon-to-be-born baby!
  11. OMG it's beautiful catabie!! Congratulations on the bag and I can't wait to see action pics of you, the bag and the soon to be baby :smile:
  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on the bag and on your pregnancy!
  13. Stating the obvious here but that is a stunning, stunning bag. Congrats!!
  14. catabie.. where precisely are you in Northern VA? It'll make things easier for everyone involved if you just hand over the purse.

    Very nice. ;)
  15. That is one beautiful bag. You can use it to haul the baby around when it comes :p.