- My Other New Purchase !!!!!!!!! -

  1. come on come on come on you kill us!
  2. Show us! :popcorn:
  3. okay okay okay okay okay okay
  4. ~ Monogram Glace wallet !! ~

  5. sorry for the Crappy Pics :sad:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Pretty congrats
  8. Classy and chic..congrats!
  9. here is a pic with my rare find (posted in the other thread :smile:

  10. Hey beautiful...congrats...
    you are a lucky guy...
    use them in the best of health!!!!
  11. thanks :flowers:
  12. nice! congrats!
  13. Beautiful!!! Very chic! congrats!
  14. Ooooooooh yum! :drool: I loooove it.