My other love for handbags addiction

  1. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you everyone! Your welcome! I enjoy it so much I can't wait to post the rest of my bags!!
  3. Lovvvvvvve your collection! Beautiful pieces, esp your chanels!
  4. Thank you! I do appreciate and love every one of them for their vintage and classic piece!
  5. Very very nice :smile:
  6. Very nice collection! You have some nice classic pieces. I love that Burberry !
  7. love your chanel! thanks for sharing! :3
  8. I LOVE the black Chanel ! :love:
  9. Love your collection
    Thanks for sharing
  10. Very nice collection!
  11. lovely photos, Annie!!!!!
  12. Love it!
  13. lovely collection.
  14. Thank you my lovely tpf lovers!! x
  15. Addition to my collection, sorry if I post it twice
    image-839966963.jpg image-1942513908.jpg image-3581301962.jpg image-1955363715.jpg image-3126325588.jpg