My OTHER Coach surprise(s)!!! **PICS** LONG!!!!

  1. Hi, girls! So you all know that my hubby and kids gave me Black Ali last night for Chanukkah! my son slipped at breakfast, and I knew there was another Coach gift for tonight! Had NO CLUE what it was though! My hubby told me the story after I opened my gift tonight!'s the story: He went into the boutique to have them order me Black Ali about a week ago. Then he asked the SA which bag is the MOST popular bag they sell. So, she shows him large chocolate Carly. He tells her his wife carries NOTHING in her bag except GUM and keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh, dear,....I have a little more than that in my bag!!!!!!!!!! LOL) She tells him that the bag forms a really nice slouch depending on how much or how little is in it...he tells her to show him! So, she goes to the back and gets HERS!!!!!!!!!!!! She shows him she is carrying THREE things in it and swings it over her shoulder and he thought I would LOVE this bag, and that it was THE BEST LOOKING BAG HE HAS EVER SEEN FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he tells her I am OCD w/ my bags and he needs one that has NEVER been touched (go, hubby, go!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL) She went into the back and brought him out a bag still wrapped in plastic, never opened and Coach sealed!!!!! He told her not to open it, and to just put it in a Coach bag w/ tissue and ribbon around it so he could hide it easily from me..... He was soooooooo proud of himself!!!!! Then he said he snuck it in one night when I wasnt looking!!!! He told the kids, and they were VERY excited b/c they KNOW how much I LOVE chocolate brown anything!!!! LOL and my poor son slipped this AM, but not to the point that I had ANY clue what I was getting! she is, along w/ ANOTHER surprise....
    Then my kids ran and got Black Ali so we could fill up Chocolate Carly so I can use her tomorrow and I opened the bag and found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSIDE!!!!!!
    The kids took my J and M keychains off my chocolate ergo hobo and we attached them to the Carly!
    Opening the cute little box!!!!!!!!!!
    and this was inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! We already put a pic of each of our children in it!!!!
    And that's what my surprise was for tonight!!!! Thanks for reading all of this!!!
  2. I'm in love with your DH!! He's so sweet. :smile: Seriously, you are one lucky woman.

    Love your presents!
  3. AWWWWWWW, Thanks so much!!! I'll tell him you said that!!! :graucho:
  4. Wow, that's awesome!!! Your dh is wonderful, I love everyone of your gifts so far, can't wait to see what's next...
  5. Your DH and mine must have went to charm school together :biggrin: CONGRATS!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOUR DARLING FAMILY!!!!!!
  6. WOW!! I'm gonna PM you my Hubby's cell phone #.... will you have yer Hub call mine please? :lol:

    Seriously tho....GORGEOUS items!!
  7. Congrats on your lovely gifts! I just see one problem with this--how are going to be fair to all your "babies" and not show favoritism? It's gonna be hard for you to choose which bag to use as all are so lovely!!!
  8. What a sweet hubby, i'll be sure to leave this post up for s/o to read... Hint hint.

    Congrat's i'm sure you're going to enjoy your new bag.. she's beautiful.
  9. OK...ANYTIME!!!!!!! ;)
  10. Perfect gifts! By the way, how did he put that little gift in the bag if your bag was sealed in the plastic? Just curious, hehe. Enjoy your Carly!
  11. Congrats to you dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I am going to have to ask him that........that SA touched my bag!!!!!! :graucho: and he said SHE DIDNT!!!!!!! and I didnt even THINK OF THAT!!!! HMMMMMMMMMMM............:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  13. HA! He said when I went to supervise the kids while they went to get Black Ali (I dont let the kids TOUCH my bags!!!! LOL), he opened the Carly and put the box inside!!!!! AND he showed me the little Coach Tattersall (sp?) bag that the SA put the little box in originally, which apparently I did not see b/c I was so excited over the Carly!!! NO SA TOUCHED MY BAG!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEE LOLOLOL :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. mommyville u r so lucky dear and i must say u have gotten the most beautiful bags.congratulations and wear it in good health.
  15. Mommyville, you most certainly are making out like a bandit this Holiday Season. I am so happy for you. Congrat on an awesome husband! What a thoughtful man he is.
    Congrats on your awesome Holiday Gifts! Enjoy!