My other additions this week, the gorgeous Grenat box & Bordeaux coin purse....

  1. Yes, I've also got this week a gorgeous Grenat box and a bordeaux coin purse, which go together quite well.

    I :heart: the Grenat box!!:yahoo: What do you think ladies?

  2. PS.....thanks to hgbags for this little baby!!:flowers:
  3. congrats!! :biggrin:
  4. Oh wow, you have been busy this week!!!! Congrats on these beauties they go well together!!!
  5. You're having a pretty good week!! ;)
    I L:heart:VE Grenat!! Congrats she's a definite keeper and the coin purse is a wonderful match!!
  6. oh wow, more? congrats..

    soo envious
  7. beautiful colors!
  8. I love it!!!

    The box shape and the rich grenat color are perfect- CONGRATS!!
  9. Oh, I love the box in grenat! I have a day in that colour and its very versatile!
  10. congrats! they're lovely together!
  11. You're on a roll! Fantastic!
  12. Yea!! I'm glad someone got that! I was looking at that too, but I wasn't really sure the box style was for me.

    I :heart: the grenat color!! I am thinking a City or Day would be fabulous for me personally - but I love the color on a box too!! (I don't think my frame is small enough for a box. :sad: )

    You've gotten some great finds lately!!! :p
  13. LOVE the Grenat Box!:love: CONGRATS! Erica is great and I think she was having a hard time letting this one go! I can see why!
  14. The grenat box is wonderful! It's great with the coin purse!
  15. She must have had a moment of madness letting this little beauty go!! But I'm not complaining!!:graucho: