my ostrich bearn key holder got soaked today!

  1. i mean to tell you guys earlier and then forgot.
    It was drizzling slightly today when i went out doing errands and i had my big umbrella up but my bearn keyholder in my hand. so i get inside the spa and i look down and it's soaked! well not through but enough to darken 3/4 of it. it is only what four inches wide or so? so i think dang it where's the towel and of course nobody comes running, it's just me spazzing out lol. so i shake it for a while and then figure if it's gonna dry, it's gonna dry.

    so i finished at the spa and then i look at it......and it's fine! no bubbling but it did not sit in contaminated floods like poor neish's miss bubbly ostrich. good to know though...D see, it's ok!:tup: don't worry.

  2. oh, gosh, how horrible. I felt just sick when my box wallet blistered, but it was fine. geesh....what is it with this Hermes stuff?

    Do they put something in the orange they use for the boxes to make us crazy?????

    so clad your goodie is OK!!! PHEW!!!
  3. me too. i was prepared to be very sad but no, all's ok! early today i was thinking you know expensive leather goods are not meant to be is a fact of life maybe. but it is nice it turned out ok.
  4. PFFOE... big relief... I'm so happy it turned out to be all fine? How was your spa??????
  5. :wtf::wtf:


    Amazing how tough ostrich is really , my Miss Bubbly was swimming in 10 inches of foul water and did dry out but sadly with a tide mark under the flap and lots of horrible smelly stuff attached to her

    Odd though that croc cant stand getting wet but crocs live in water
    Yet Ostrich which live in the desert dont seem to mind getting wet

    glad its ok HC
  6. spa was great! a treat facial with face mask and massage...pass me a cosmo hon, i'm coming in for a landing lol.
  7. Sounds divine:smile: landing? Cosmo ? :nuts: aaah any time:smile: :heart:
  8. Glad to hear it worked out ok. Nothing more stomach flipping than to see something like that.
  9. woo thank goodness all is ok. i would have FREAKED!
  10. yeah tell me about it! my heart flip flopped when i saw the dark water over almost the whole thing. an ostrich bearn keyholder is almost 1k. yikes. i only indulged because it matched my 30 fuschia birkin. won't do that again soon but i am RELIEVED.
  11. Oh my GOD!!! I would have freakazoooed for sure! Calgon take me away! So glad to hear that it's all fine though. Whew.
    I and my bag (Clemence, which apparently you can't kill) got kind of soaked in the same downpour today as well, but we were OK. Except for my hair, which looks even worse than normal.
  12. So glad all is well in gorgeous ostrich land! That piece is a beauty!
  13. I got rain water on my ostrich Kelly on the day of her debut :push: and I was very scared. But I stayed calm, and placed my Kelly in front of the aircon vent. In less than 5 min, it was all gone! I was afraid of water stains but thank god, nothing of that.

    HC, what colour is your ostrich bearn key holder? Any pic to show? :p
  14. My heartbeat was accelerating reading through your story. Glad to know everything is fine. Phew!
  15. so glad to hear that all is well. i would have had a minor freak out too. there was a slight sprinkle today, and all h bags stayed at home. kinda sad. i'm even protective of clemence!!!

    i love your key bearn. phew, disaster averted!!!