My original cabas has arrived!!!

  1. I lucked out on this bag. When my SA told me he has one, I thought he meant the baby but it's the original with the CC on it. I LOVE it! Will post pictures when I get a hold of my camera.
  2. Oh my goodness WOW! A big, BIG congrats to you and I can't wait to see pics!!
  3. This baby was meant for you!!
    COngrats!! show us your pics soon!!
  4. Congratulations! It's a fantastic bag!
  5. nice find anonymous! congrats and post pics when it arrives! :yahoo:
  6. Wow! What an awesome find, sounds like it was meant to be.

    Your SA wouldn't happen to have anymore of those puppies laying around? Huh?
  7. He told me he found it in the back room. Could be a return. If I didn't grab it, I will regret it.
  8. congratz!!! that bag is soo hard to come by! :tender:
  9. Congrats. Great find.
  10. Congrats!!!!
  11. What color? I always maintained that if a brown original Cabas became available I'd jump. The original is so much nicer than the baby IMO.
  12. lucky you! where's the pics? can't wait to see them :popcorn:
  13. I got the black one.
  14. you are so lucky to have found one!!! cant wait to see pics!
  15. WOW!! Lucky you... Congrats.