my original cabas FINALLY HERE yayyyyy

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  1. ok, after waiting for weeks, finally my original cabas is here! :yahoo:
    i'm sooooo excited, it is so beautiful! it is more slouchy than my baby cabas, i don't know why, and it's just pretty!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. :nuts: Wow~ they look gorgeous!!! I love all of them :drool:

  4. all are gorgeous, congrats! :smile:
  5. Its beautiful!! Can feel urge to buy increasing....the leather looks lovely!

    how do you find using this bag I hate getting things lost inside a big bag and i have to dig it out..are there compartments?
  6. thank u girls :shame:

    chako012, honestly i just got the bag a few minutes ago LOL
    but i guess it's the same size with my vinyl, so i don't have a problem using that. yeah sometimes it's hard to find small things, but i usually put the small things inside the zipper pouch on the side, and put my essential in different balenciaga coin purses, like my cell phones and keys...
    and yes, the leather is TDF :wtf: it is the most beautiful ever!
  7. they are gorgeous!
  8. She's lovely! Congrats! Would love to see a modelling pic!
  9. Sea - congrats girl. It's fabulous. I've been carrying mine for the last few days and it's love :heart:
  10. Wow Congrats!! It's beautiful!
  11. girlie, i'll do it tomorrow. today i'm too lazy LOL
  12. WOW!~Your cabas collection is AMAZING!!!! congrats!!!
  13. lovely!!! those 3 bags looks amazing together, congrats on finally getting it :yahoo:
  14. Gorgeous! congrats sea :woohoo:
  15. Lovely family!!!! Congrats!!! I love that blue one..