my order has been cancelled. now it's Feb 1st.

  1. I went to chanel boutique at 57th street yesterday. Finally, made a decision having purple e/w in caviar instead of white large classic before price hike. and the SA said there was only one left and it was in other store(NE). she called there to make sure they really had it. we got a confirmation that they really had and I ordered it right away. I was so happy about my purchase till got phone call from her. she said there was a computer error. can't believe it. I'm upset little bit... :cursing: hmm. if you were me, what you gonna do?
    so sad...:crybaby:
  2. ask them to override the price difference when they found another one. because they told you they had it
  3. I totally agree with Pinkpiano - talk to the manager if necessary.
  4. I would be so mad and sad at the same time too. Cheer up kay! Talk to the manager and see if there is anything they can do. :yes:
  5. i purchased the black classic flap in medium and jumbo... u can buy one of them from me for the original price. ill be picking them up on sat. sorry i also brought the white meidum but its not for sale =). contact me if you're interested...
  6. Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. Yesterday, a few NMs that I called had purple e/w in caviar, but I went with coral and red in lambskin. I agree with pinkpiano. You should talk to a manager there. The e/w is great.
  7. Thank you ladies. I'll go to chanel today in the morning to talk with manager.
    I'll let you know girls.

    Cudaswifey: thanks for offering. but I got black patent large last week. I'm in love with black patent. :smile: and I guess you're new here, right? in this forum, you can't offer any buying or selling.
  8. yup...I was abt to tell her that...

    Do keep us posted of the outcome..
  9. I went to the shop and got white caviar with old price since purple is not available anyway. it was very simple, my SA talked to manager and she understood this situation. thank you all. ;) I feel better now :sweatdrop:
  10. My friend said that price is not up yet. It will in the week or so....