my order from BLUEFLY came today!!

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  1. I have to say that I'm very impressed with the Fly~ i got an email on Friday afternoon saying that my order had being shipped and i received it this afternoon~ Monday! and its Australia we're talking about here~ plus it being the weekend i didnt think the post office actually worked on weekends! well obviously i was wrong! anyhoo~ without further ado~ here are my two new purchases :graucho:

    The Clutch in cream and Kiss & Make-up in sage with sage stamp~ it compliments my sage stamp MAB soooo well :love:

    BTW~ somebody requested i took pics of the sage colour in daylight~ here it is~ it looks more greenish here than it is in the pics i posted on the "Pics of your MAB/MAM" sticky thread above




  2. :yahoo:AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love it!!!!!!!!!! I am head over heels for the cream clutch and even more so for the Kiss and Makeup! I love that floral embossed print!
  3. Congrats! I am so envious of your sage duo! A sage MAM has been on my wish list forever and I just love the kiss & makeup to match!
  4. great choice that is awesome
  5. thanks ladies :love:

    GUNG~ what time is it over there?! dun you sleep?!~ the stamp is my absolute favorite~ too bad Rebecca don't make them anymore :crybaby:as for the clutch~ i didn't realise it was sooo huge!! and quite heavy too~ but i love it nonetheless :love:

    Darcy~ thank you! :P that MAB is my HG!!~ i searched a whole two months for it before it popped up on the RM website again! it is worth every penny! then when i saw the K&M on bluefly last week i knew i had to have it!
  6. That cream clutch is HOT!!!! Congrats on your new babies!!!!:graucho:

  7. Im pulling all nighters this week! The semester is almost done and I'm intermittently studying and cruising TPF! Next week, I will sleep!:nuts:
  8. Ooooh I never gave a second thought to the clutch but your "real-life pic" is making me reconsider! LOVE IT! Lovely haul, congrats!!!
  9. chinkee~ thanks!~ i'm loving your dusty too!

    madaboutdarcy~ the clutch is beautiful! the leather is so soft~ especially with things in it it just sorta "sits down" nicely on my hand
  10. ohhh~! good luck with your studies :woohoo: tPF is always a good "refreshment" when you feel you've just about had enough :supacool:
  11. I have been looking all over for that cream clutch! I want it! So jealous LOL!
  12. Congrats! You have a lovely collection!
  13. That clutch is great and I'm jealous because I could never carry that color in NYC! :sad:
  14. Oooh, I absolutely LOVE your clutch! And what a cute pouch to go with your MAB! Congrats!
  15. Congrats!