My Orange Muse is here! pics>>>>>>>

  1. It turned out to be OS instead of Large as I thought. The guy at bob ellis shoes was not sure what size this bag was, he thought it's large but it's OS. It is big. Not sure that I'm Ok with it. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to that large bags. But the color is devine and the leather is very soft and smells nice :smile: Ladies, give me your opinions of the size.
  2. nice bag! it looks great on u!
  3. It's not too big? My BF thinks it's too big for me:sad:
  4. Beautiful Bag.
  5. Ohh! It finally arrived!!! I think it's beautiful and not at all too big for you! It's totally chic. And I think that's a great size since it fits easily over your shoulder!
  6. Thank you :smile: I got a little upset with my BF's coment that it's too big. I'm not used to such big bags.
  7. Oh, that is lovely, such a nice dark shade of orange. And it looks great on you, you are taller so you carry it off. I vote keep it!
  8. And I am laughing out loud about your pic showing the box/packing in the background..I do the same thing, rip it open and take a picture right away...
    Also smiling over your date code on the pic...I have never set mine...hehe
  9. :smile:I was so impatient :smile:
    Are you enjoying your Violet Muse? Do you like the size of it? (It's OS right?) What do you think of OS Muse on me? I'm trying to figure out if I'm OK with the size.
  10. What a beauty!!!

    It is just like mine! ;)
  11. I started to like Orange color after seeing your pics;)

    You also have it in OS, right? Do you like the size? How tall are you?
  12. congrats!!
  13. I'm 5'3" and the size is good for me. I'm not petite and as thin as you (yet, I'm working on getting rid of those extra pounds:rolleyes:), so I can see why it seems a bit big.

    Where I live, big bags are common because you can stuff them with lots of things. Think about how you will use the bag... is their return policy OK?
  14. Great bag!
  15. I can return this bag within 14 days, so I'm Ok here. I don't really want to return it because I got such a good deal on it. I will test drive this bag and see how I'll like it. :smile: