My opportunity to vent and ask for prayer/thoughts/suggestions

  1. Sorry for the long post, I just need to vent a little.

    Okay guys I suppose I am posting this here as somewhat of an apology for not posting much lately, and as a way to ask for your prayers and support. For those who don't know I am 17, in my third semester of college on the Dean's Honor Roll, and engaged, so not the typical 17 year old.
    I need some prayer for my mom, she is in the middle of an extremely nasty divorce involving my father stealing a large sum of money from my grandmother. The whole family is obviously taking this badly, she tries not to express it, but when she does it is not very pretty. My dad moved out about two months ago and the house seems much smaller and lonelier without him around. :crybaby:It is almost as though my sister and I are mourning his death, he seems to have no interest in even speaking to us.
    The other big thing that is hitting me this week is that tomorrow (sunday) is my last day at my job. I quit the other day after an altercation with my boss over a referral bonus (my fiance has been with the company for a year and a half and came with me to the interview) because it was not documented. I would like to point out that my fiance is nicely taking care of the owner of the company's ferrets for 8 months while he is out of town, for free. It was not just the referral bonus that I quit over, more the fact that the employees are nothing but a number to the people in charge of the company. The co-owner is also extremely sexist, and honestly tries to trick the employees that are not so smart. So now I have no income, and due to family matters, am paying for almost everything right now.
    The entire divorce issue is at least 10 times worse than it sounds, seeing as my father is a HUGE theif, and can be a bit much to even think about. My main issue is trying to find a job, one that I can enjoy that does not require me working until midnight every night. I am really worrying about having money and enough savings, but it has honestly been 5 months since I bought any clothes. I find that I am more and more wearing baggy tshirts and jeans, not fashionable "young clothes", but I really can not afford them right now.
    So pretty much in conclusion please pray for my entire family, we are all extremely stressed :hysteric:. I just hope that I am able to find a job soon, thank you so much guys for always being supportive and helping get me into a "fun" :wlae: mode.

    I love you all.. :smile:
  2. Oh, this is so sad - for you and your whole family. You definitely have our thoughts and prayers. (and (((HUGS))) )
  3. Hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you & your family!!
  4. Oh I'm so sorry! This is really sad! I'm sure it is hard for you to lose your dad like this. You know what though, you seem very intelligent, and I think you persevere. I'm sorry again! You know we are always here for you. :heart: (((HUGS)))
  5. Sending lots of prayers to you and your family. I am truly hoping everything will work its way out for you quickly! Hang in there! {{{hugs}}}
    There is probably an awesome job waiting for you! :smile:
  6. Sending out hugs and positive vibes for you and your family......

  7. Praying for you and the whole situation. That's an unbelievable amount of stress to go through at 17.:sad:
  8. Big hugs! Hang in there, it will get better!

    You sound about unsure of your feelings for your father. You mention, the house is smaller and lonely without him and are sad he seems to want no contact with you, yet you are angry and call him a big thief...I actually think this makes sense. It's hard when the people we love and trust make mistakes and hurt us. I am sure he feels ashamed and guilty now, thus avoiding you. But as time passes and mess gets sorted out, hopefully he will reach out and as for will be up to you to decide if you can forgive hime.

    I will be thinking of you :smile:
  9. prayers on the way. sorry this is all happening to you right now.:heart:
  10. Sending you huge hugs and prayers....
  11. *HUGS* to you, and sending prayers and positive vibes to you and your famiy.
  12. Good thoughts and prayers. Sorry to hear all this.
  13. Thanks for your responses, sometimes it is just nice to vent a little. I am going on the great job search tomorrow which should be fun, hopefully I will have a job by tomorrow night. Once again, thank you so much you guys.. You have been fantastic support and really are a great group of people.
  14. Oh and one other prayer request, my mom was in a car accident last week. She wasn't injured (thank goodness!) but there was about 10,000 dollars worth of damage done to just HER car. Somehow the insurance company possibly lost her check, so please pray that they find it.

    But she did go to her check-up at a cancer hospital and she is still cancer-free! Yay!