My opinion on SA's

  1. I have been reading some horror stories in this forum about LV SA's. :yucky: Ones that are rude, ignore customers, forget to give boxes, dont give good service, ect... The one that scares me the most is when I hear stories about them saying fake bags are authentic or real bags are not.

    In my humble opinion.... (hahaha), anyone who gets hired at LV should have to go to a training program for a week and let some experts teach them important stuff like customer service and how to spot a fake bag. I also hate it when they dont know any info about new items. You work for LV-you should be up to date on everything!!

    It could be like a Louis Vuitton school.

    I know Im gonna get slaughtered with people telling me how great their SA is blah blah. I know how good most of them are. But some are totally lost and these are the ones that need extra training.
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  4. I agree that SAs should have more knowledge about the product line AND be more focused on the customer. I am shocked how clerks, in all areas of retail, have no respect for customers.
    However, and this is not a put down, but retail sales clerks rank pretty low on the social economic status ladder. Yes, they may work for an high end designer company, but it is still a retail sales job. At times, I am sure that LV has trouble finding good, quality workers for these positions.
    This above comment is not meant to offend anyone.
  5. I kinda have to disagree. I think around 60-70% of SAs are like that but the rest are very good. It's not their fault that some of these "bad" SAs are "ignorant". In fact, in most high end boutiques, they're specifically told NOT to bother certain customers who just want to browse because it will seem as if the SA is trying to push for a sale. That's why many of them appear to be "careless". Also it would depend on the culture. My SA who's from France told me that in Europe, the SAs there seem snobby and don't greet customers, and also I know that in China, it's the same attitude, while in North America, people are more open imo.
    I go to LV to shop, but at the same time, I've also "shopped for SAs". I think it's all about experience. The more you show your face and make purchases at a specific boutique, the more the SAs there will take notice of you. :yes:
  6. I don't want to say that retail employees/associates rank low on the economic statis chain b/c I'm a firm beleiver that if we didn't have retail employees/associates, who would we buy our goods from. Regardless of what goods it may be :yes: . Retail associates deal with a lot including lower pay in some cases and its not fair to the ones that are super knowledgable to have to be grouped into the catagory of ones that aren't. Smith, you didn't say this at all but I want to clarify your comment even more to any retail associates we have on the forum. ;)

    In any industry we're going to have the "bad apples", (rude, unknowing). Not just retail. Thumbs up to the knowledgable SA's in LV ..........and any others too. :yahoo:
  7. Its like anything in life... some good, some bad....Thats just reality.