My opinion of LV has changed


Feb 16, 2009
If you had asked me a year ago if I'd ever consider buying an LV, I would have just laughed.

This is what I used to think:
"Spend that much money for a canvas bag?? With a logo plastered all over it??!! Tacky!!!" and "Women who are selfish/shop too much/are superficial are LV carriers". I know, shame on me, but that's what my middle-class midwestern self thought.

Fast foward to now. I've quite immersed myself in the world of purses and have been blessed to buy some really beautiful Coach leather bags, along with some other minor designer leather bags too. I'm now comfortable spending $900+ on a bag, whereas a year ago, I wouldn't have entertained the thought of spending more than $175 on a bag.

I now see an LV monogram bag as a classic, and I would feel very elegant carrying one. I am totally craving a monogram speedy. It just seems like such of a basic, but stylish bag. I am looking forward to buying a brand new speedy and breaking it in myself, with every wear-mark MINE. When I see a lady carrying an LV now, I think "She knows how to take care of herself." (This time I think that in a positive way!)

But I am still a middle-class midwestern girl, and although I can afford to buy an LV, I don't think I will for now. LV is an expensive status bag and I think it might be too showy for our current circumstances. My husband (our sole breadwinner), works for his BIL and his brother, so of course, they know what he makes and I think we might be judged harshly if I were to appear with an LV. My husband is starting his own business and hopes to quit his job with BIL and brother within the year. My plan is to save the cash now to buy my first Louis when DH quits his job. It will be a celebration for me, and I think it will be an encouragement to my husband. I do believe that it is true that what wives wear is a reflection on their husbands (and their earning capacity - especially for one-income households).

Your thoughts???


Dec 16, 2006
yup, better wait to buy. Being judged by relatives is much difficult to handle.


Jan 22, 2006
^ITA. Relatives is always a sensitive issue. Sometimes, it's good to be discreet. Hope you'll get your 1st LV soon once your DH starts his business.


Jul 9, 2009
So cute story! You will love your Louis Vuitton bag when you finally get it. A monogram Speedy is a great first bag! It will always be a classic bag and you will love it forever!


Aug 3, 2009
Hope you get you new Speedy soon. Better wait, with a plan. Luxury item can be a sensitive issue among relatives.


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Oct 2, 2006
Well, you could always buy your LV now but continue to carry a Coach when you see your relatives!

(Sorry, I'm an enabler! LOL)

I hope your wait goes by quickly!


Feb 16, 2009
Thanks, everyone for reading my little story!

I really appreciate, too, the advice to wait to buy. My gut feeling is to wait to buy, but there is this little voice in my head that whispers "buy now, buy now". With the encouragement from all of you, I feel fortified to wait (and ignore those little voices), happily tucking away the money bit by bit. I'm dreaming of walking into a LV boutique with the cash in hand and pick out the bag of my dreams.

I've grown up with female role models who, while they had many positive qualities, did not teach me to take care of myself or to value my femininity. Martyrdom is alive and well in my family, unfortunately. I'm choosing to reject that way of thinking (while hopefully keeping the positive things mom/gramma/friends have to offer). and be an example to my 3 daughters that you can be glamorous, elegant, and still get a 4 star dinner on the table.

I turned 40 last month, and I'm seeing that you only get one go-round of life, and I want to live the life of my dreams. Purses are a small way of nudging me toward who I want to be (or who I have been inside all along, but too afraid to be.)


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Dec 22, 2006
So. Cal
I like the way you think! ;) I just turned 40 in June so I totally understand what you're saying!

I think waiting is the smart thing to do, even if it's difficult, especially with family involved...though, I have to say...I love the suggestion of buying now, and just carrying the Coach bags when necessary! ;)