My opinion of Hermes is changing...

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    Anyone else not wanting a replacement bag for a skunk bag?

    I am taking my SO Birkin into Hermes. I am not asking for a replacement. Although this is not my only Birkin and perhaps I'd feel differently if it was?!?! However, it is my only Horseshoe Birkin which obviously was a 'big thrill' to order and receive.
    I don't know why but I feel such an 'anxious disappointment' for lack of a better way to describe my feeling about having to return this bag. I know it is just 'a purse' but nobody buys Hermes because they need a 'purse'.

    Hermes for me was steeped in luxury, perfection, and a rarified special world. It is upsetting to me that Hermes is considered THE house of exceptional leather products and I 'assumed' they had the tanning process down to an exacting science which obviously isn't the case.

    I have a decent collection (some of it posted on the forum) but I am looking at my 'collection' today and I feel differently. Has this experienced changed anyone else's relationship to the product?
    Hermes for me was always a 'fantasy' and this problem burst my Hermes Bubble, anyone else??
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  2. I completely understand how you feel as my "skunk" was also an SO. I was extremely disappointed in the beginning after I discovered that there was a problem with the bag, but unlike others on here, my boutique handled the problem exceptionally well which made the situation a little more bearable. My bag was sent to Paris within days of me reporting the problem to my SA and SM. Once Paris confirmed that the bag was defective, I was given a refund, offered a replacement bag immediately and also offered another SO. My SM has even said that she is going to try to get approval from corporate to allow me to pay the cost of my original SO which I had purchased in January, just prior to a price increase.

    Over time, the disappointment has gone away and now I'm just waiting for my replacement SO to come in - waiting with the same excitement and anticipation that I usually feel during the wait for a SO. I know that the excellent service I received from my boutique is what made the situation so much easier to handle and I hope that everybody is now receiving the same good service. I really feel for all of you who have not been so fortunate as to have the situation resolved to your liking, but hopefully things are going to change now that the media has brought the story to light.
  3. if you don't want a replacement bag, you should ask for a refund. I am sure h will happily oblige thus saving them the effort of having to refill a replacement.
  4. BostonBirkin
    what is wrong with your So? I read on another post that someone had a problem with the hardware. I have one and am just curious about what to look for. Thanks for your response.
  5. +1.

    To me Hermes used to be all about CARE.
    Volumes and fast growth seem to be un-compatible with CARE, in their books.

    Fortunately, there still are many beautiful bags around, from the best crafmanship and leather eras, the whole 90's and eraly 2K... So let's have an eye on those used treasures, and at least we'll still make the bubble live. ;)
  6. I agree: Inconsistent quality, too much engineered leather and/or clemence. ... no longer really worth the price.
  7. I didn't get a skunk but just following the experience of those who did made me feel this way also. I wouldn't feel comfortable spending that much on a new bag from H from here on out because it doesn't feel like the quality matches the price anymore. If I wanted another H bag, I think I'd go vintage.

    I'll still buy scarves and other items though. :smile:
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    +1. My last H bag (Kelly in Clemence) was purchased over a year and a half ago at FSH and thankfully, I didn't get a skunk. But I've read all the posts from those that have and feel so terrible that they have had to go through such a horrible and disappointing experience. It has certainly made me refrain and think twice about purchasing any H leather goods lately and probably will continue to feel that way for a while to come.

    Also, it is just very embarrassing since we all carry H with a sense of pride and in many cases, achievement. Lots of guys and girls save and dream and wait years to own a B or K. This incident has somewhat killed that feeling due to friends and family reading about this. They already thought we were out of our minds, insane to spend what we spend for a perfect H bag let alone one that COULD smell like skunk or weed. Ugh!

    Still love the cashmere and silk shawls though. Until something unthinkable happens with them, H still gets a large chunk of my hard-earned money. :P
  9. My bag looked perfect. I honestly have never had a construction or hardware issue with any of my bags.
    I don't think you really need to LOOK for issues with your Hermes Bag, especially if you purchased directly from the store! I can't speak to reseller bags as I haven't purchased via that route; I am fortunate enough to live in a city with a store.
  10. I started to focus on my SA telling me that "it was Togo and some Epsom". I am thinking I have always loved my Barenia and Swift and Chèvre bags!
  11. When you say engineered leather do you mean the leathers that have an embossed finish like Epsom or the leather that looks like toile? Just wanted to clarify since I am so into my Hermes.
  12. Yes. I think the whole thing is quite sad. I guess it is a reality check for us all. I am just happy to have the collection that I have and I have an even greater appreciation for the older bags and workmanship.
  13. Well, I lasted 24 hours with the idea of not replacing my bag. I am going to order another SO Birkin Bicolor but not in Togo.
    I have an appt with my SA tomorrow to reorder.
  14. Yes

    Any idea how many boutiques they have opened in the last 5 years? how long they take to train a leather craftsman, now?
  15. Good luck and no judgments here! We all love H and can understand your desire to have your SO replaced. I hope your new, replacement SO is perfect and smells yummy good! You deserve that - we all do!