My Opinion of Gucci has gone down down down

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  1. about 2 weeks ago i purchased some Gucci pilgrims in silver that cost £285.00 i loved them then the first time i wore them to go shopping the buckle came off i mean what a load of old tatt ! luckily i took them back to selfidges and they swapped them for a new pair but i just could not belive it i am now thinking about returning the shoes again and buying a pair of louis which are much better quality

    anybody else had trouble here is a picture of the buckle that fell off
    Photo 628.jpg
  2. Where was it made? I hope that's not a stupid question, but burberry is now making some of their bags in china, and stuart weitzman bags AND SHOES (some of them) are now made in china... don't hate me, but I think that DRAMATICALLY impacts the quality...
  3. no thats not a stupid question but they were made in Italy oh well at least i got new ones but it will make me think twice about getting gucci shoes again ! x x
  4. Even though they say Itialy, many of the luxury houses are doing someproduction in China...unfortunately they have to do this to stay competitive. I have also been unsatisfied w/ the overall quality of Gucci for the last 4 years or so......what a shame. I'm glad you were able to get some shoes you are happy with.
  5. i say that it was a flukeeeeeeee!! sorry that it happened but think of it this way...if Gucci was REALLY all that bad would they have switched it out for you right away? Nope...they would have claimed that it was your fault when you knew it wasnt! lol!!

    but since they did own up to their defective piece I saw wear those shoes and dance the night away...and if the thingy still falls off - hey at least you'll get a brand new pair scuff free! :smile: