My OP Bambinone Arrived and it Now belongs to my baby...

  1. My OP Bambinone and I like it. It's not as small as I thought it would be but who just :heart: it and claimed as her own is my 3 year old... lol so now my 3 year old has her first tokidoki or "tokkioki" how she says it... hehe.. here are pics of her showing me the bag.... :lol:



  2. awwww your lil girl is so adorably cute! she kinda reminds me of that lil girl from the coke cola commerical :biggrin: ...congrats on your OP!
  3. Shes soo freakkin cute!!! Nice bag too btw!
  4. she's adorable! oh yeah, and the bag is cute too! :p
  5. awwww, SO cute! My 5 yr old steals my inferno dolce all the time, too.
    (I love your daughter's pants, BTW -- too cool!)
  6. Very cute!:flowers:
  7. awwww she looks like a tokidoki model :smile: doubley cute!
  8. Your daughter is adorable. She must've gotten her good taste from her mommy. Cute bambionone.
  9. aww! that's adorable! haha
  10. :yahoo:Soooo Cute:yahoo:

  11. hehe thanks guys.. I dont know if I should keep it or get another bambinone in another print. Because since its mostly white I think she will dirty it... maybe I'll get her one in Vacanze or Pirata since she loves pirates... hehe what do you guys is the best print for a little kid? thanks :tup:
  12. I'd get her Pirata if she loves Pirates or the Spiaggia is great with all the cartoon-y characters hanging out at the beach.

    You're daughter is super cute! What's she gonna put in her purse I wonder :p
  13. if she likes pirates I say pirata! she is sooo adorable! my 2yrs. old daughter takes my inferno bella all the time. She says "mom, where's my doki?" hehehe AHHH my bf is going to kill... cause i'm getting her a toki in vancanze... most likely the dolce... cause shes still little
  14. Your DD is absolute dah-ling! And yes, get her the Pirata! It'll look super cute!
  15. haha thanks guys... I have been driving my hubby nuts for the last half hour asking his advice in which print to get... Because I am not really feeling much for the OP... I'm just going to show her a pic and let her decide because since I am a Gemini it takes me forever to pick out anything...:confused1: