My Only Tods

  1. Seen everyone beautiful revealed on their First Tods D-Bauletto. I am revealing mine too. I got her awhile back. I love :love: the simple design, and the smooth leather texture.

  2. Thank you asianjade, but I can't see it :sad:
  3. Yeah.. I don't understand. When I posted it, it said "Data Error'.

  4. Can you try again??
  5. Let me try again. Hope you can see it.

    Tods S.jpg

  6. Beautiful! You go AsianJade!
  7. Congrats! I love this bag!:biggrin:
  8. Absolutely beautiful! I adore this bag. Wonderful color as well.
  9. Thank you for all the compliments. When I bought this bag, my intention is to use it as an everyday bag. But my daughter said that the bag is way too big on me. So now I have to reserve her for travelling only. Maybe in the future I might get the smaller size in another color.

    LT Bag Lady... How you enlarge the picture? :woohoo: Thank you.
  10. Wow!!! This is seriously gorgeous! Love the color.
    Thank you for posting this!

    What kind of finish is it? Did you condition it?

    Sorry to hear your daughter said it was big on you. Are you sure? It's so nice and luxurious. Hope you get use out of it!!
    Getting another one would be fun though, too, since there are a variety of gorgeous colors, Spring and Fall. I want another one.... :smile:

    I liked the smaller size too, Asianjade. But the SA said it was too small for me, I am on the taller side...the SAs are usually pretty good about giving opinions, I think.

  11. On the card it said "calfskin tanned", not sure what does it means? This is how the original leather looks like. Never done any condition on this bag. I think the length of this bag is very perfect but the height is very tall, so it looks very big. I am on the very short side.

    I wonder you guys can carry it on your shoulder? I can but one of the handles drop down, so it is very uncomfortable.
  12. nice
  13. Congrats!