My online encounter with a really creepy guy! *WARNING: LONG!*

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  1. Ok, so I regularly visit Facebook, which is kind of like myspace where everyone visits each other's pages and add friends, etc.

    Now in Facebook, you have the option to "poke" someone, which is something like a little alert for the other member. You can send pokes, messages and a friend request to pretty much anyone but you can set your option so that only your "friends" can view your profile.

    Yesterday, this guy "pokes" me on Facebook, and I asked him if I know him, and he said no, that's the only way he can start a conversation with me. He asked if he was interested in getting to know somebody new, well I thought, isn't that what Facebook is for? Connecting with others...? So I said, sure. He then proceeded to ask for my MSN, and I replied saying that I rarely go on MSN. He sent a message back saying "Well then you're saying I should ask for your cell # then." I was like "Umm no...I guess you could add me on MSN, but I rarely go on." I gave my MSN to him, since I really don't go on anyways!

    Today, well, I signed onto MSN to talk to my friend and guess what...he already added me and immediately messaged me, and requested to start webcam :wtf: I ignored his request and signed off after awhile to do homework, but after I was done, I wanted to talk to my boyfriend on MSN. He messaged me AGAIN and wanted to know if I had webcam. Anyway, here is the conversation:

    Him: hi
    Me: hello
    Him: hows it goin?
    Me: pretty good, you?
    Him: Just got home
    Him: do u have a webcam?
    Me: nope.
    Me: i used to, too lazy to hook it up to my new computer [I was lying]
    Him: it'd be nice to see ya :p
    Me: lol, honestly i don't look very different than in pics.
    Me: or better, for that matter.
    Him: send me some unpublished ones
    Me: sorry, what i have on facebook is it! [I was lying...obviously I wasn't going to send pictures of myself to a random guy! I have over 1000+ pics on my computer of my friends & I]
    Him: so where do u live?
    Him: i'm in richmond
    Me: not in BC, lol
    Him: awww bummer
    Him: i gotta stop poking girls from out of province, it gets me nowhere lol
    Me: should.
    Me: if you're looking for someone to poke, you better find someone else
    Him: lol, ciao hunnie.

    I was like :wtf:

    This event has reminded me how creepy of a place the internet can be!!! After that, I proceeded to my facebook and set my profile to ONLY viewable by friends...I don't want another creepy guy talking to me!!!
  2. Ew!
  3. That is horrible, Karman, gotta be careful there are tons of creeps online. I had one that got so angry because I kept refusing to meet him at Starbucks for coffee. He actually sent a virus that shut down my computer after yelling obscenities at me. It was the most scary thing.
  4. The internet is a goldmine for creeps and pervs! I was in an AOL chatroom once a long time ago--I think the topic of discussion was the Terry Schiavo thing, and I was curious to see what people were saying about it. It was pretty obvious that most of the posters were very young (teenagers), and there was this one person who kept wanting to know how old the girls were and asking if he could IM them.:yucky: I can just imagine what kind of "IM"s he wanted to send!
  5. when i was in high school/college, i used to spend a lot of time chatting on ICQ/AIM/MSN, and on sites like myspace and facebook (a few years before that, it was asianavenue)... but i really don't anymore. i still have accounts on these sites, but i don't log on as often as i used to, and i keep my profiles private and limited to friends only. i don't even post pictures as freely as i used to. i kept a xanga and livejournal blog for years... but have since taken most everything down. i just don't like the idea of people being able to search for me, or random people browsing my blogs anymore. i used to get random e-mail messages, and some were anonymous, from people reading my blogs. it was just so random, and it didn't feel so safe anymore. i guess i'm lucky i've never been harassed, as i've read/heard it happen to other people.

    there's so many weirdos out there, just gotta be careful! Karman, you can always block this guy on facebook and msn... sounds kinda creepy!
  6. That's creepy!!! :yucky:

    Sorry this happened to ya.. :sad:
  7. Thank goodness I already did!

    I spend a lot less time chatting online...(other than tPF...which does NOT count because it's something on its own! :p) and the one day that I do...something like this happened! UGH! :push:
  8. look at it this way; at least he didn't ask you what ur measurements are.

  9. Geez. I'm sorry! I had to get a blocker for my myspace because this creepy guy with lots of porn girls on his page kept looking at my profile upwards of 30 times a day! I was really scared and had everyone I knew report him for inappropriate content and I think he was deleted after awhile.
    But ugh, my facebook is also friends only..thank goodness. I hope you got rid of him for good!
  10. Oh, yes, there are some creeps out there. Can you tell who has been looking at your MySpace profile? Do those trackers really work?

  11. i would LOVE to know this too!
  12. WOW..creepy..Makes me want to take away my kids internet for good..LOL..But i watch them like a HAWK!
  13. Well this guy tried to push his luck....some people get Facebook and websites like mixed up together !!
    I am on friendster, and I had a few "blinks" but I don´t answer and that usually stops right there.
    And also I keep my personal info to a minimum.
  14. There are so many creepy guys out there and they really spoil it for the rest of us. Sites like myspace and bebo are great fun and it's a shame that people can't enojy them like they should because of the fear of all the weirdo's lurking on them. I'm glad to hear you blocked him - setting your profile to friends only sounds like a great idea too.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you:sad: Internet creeps are the worst, they makes one feel uncomfortable in front of people's computers in their own homes..:mad: