My one year LV anniversary...what happened?!

  1. So today is my one year anniversary with LV...

    Last year on this day, my very first LV piece, the pink cherry blossom pochette, arrived safe and sound from a seller on eBay. I was sooo happy with it! I saw the bag when it first came out in a magazine in 2003 and fell in love with it but wasn't able to afford it until last year.

    Actually, back then I've considered asking my cousin to try to look for a FAKE one for me from Hong Kong :wtf: *shame* BUT of course I decided against it because if I were to get a designer bag it better be authentic!! Then I can REALLY show it off...

    I swore I would only own the CB pochette, but then I went ahead and bought the cles and porte monnaie plat to match my pochette. It cost me quite a fortune, and I thought that's it, no more LV!

    But then I started looking at other LV styles on the website...and I was hooked. I bought my first monogram piece, the Coussin GM from eBay in late August.

    Then I bought the credit card holder, monogram porte monnaie plat, cles to match it...*sigh* An addiction was born!!

    So it started off with this in August 2006...


    Then on October 1st 2006 I posted in the showcase thread and these were added:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Then in mid-December I posted this in the showcase thread:


    And after I came back from Hong Kong in June it's grown to this...


    And one year since my first LV...this is what my collection looks like now :sweatdrop:


    So I've added pieces but also sold/traded pieces away as well. The day that I took my most recent collection pic, I looked at all my bags and asked myself, "Do I really need more bags?" but then I thought about the Perle Nimbus PM, Tivoli PM, Suhali Le Precieux, Popincourt Haut that I'll be getting this fall/winter...and of course my ultimate dream bag, the Le Fab, the answer was clearly yes =P

    Anyway, I just wanted to share with everybody my first LV year. My one year anniversary on TPF isn't until late August. Maybe I'll buy myself something to mark that special day =D
  2. Aw congratulations! For a moment I couldn't see the CB pochette in the last picture, and thought you must have sold it, which would have been disastrous lol, but I can spy it now
  3. Awww Karman...fabulous fabulous collection! I love the evolving pictures!
    Congrats on a year!!!!!
  4. Wow very nice :biggrin:
  5. Karman, Beautiful Collection!!!!!!!! It has been a year for me as well. My collection does not include all your beautiful purses!! Again...congrats on all your LV!! :tender:
  6. Happy anniversary, darling!! Love the growing LV family!!
  7. Congrats Karman ! Love all your bags, the indigo reade is so HOT !!!
  8. Thanks guys...I'm still missing pieces though...I still need something from the Suhali line and the MC line.
    As most of you know I planned on getting the Aurelia MM this summer...but the plan never came through because it got pushed back by SO many the Love 2 tote and the Beverly MM :sweatdrop:
    I don't know when I'll be able to get my first MC piece because this fall/winter the top priorities are Tivoli PM, Nimbus PM, and Le I'll have Suhali checked...but MC will be a LONG wait :sad:
  9. Karman~ beautiful transformation I must say. I love your collection and how diverse it has grown.

    (((Hugs))) and congrats!
  10. Congrats! And LOVE your collection :love:
  11. Great collection Karman especially within a year! Happy anniversary & don't worry it took me 3 years to get my first MC bag I still don't have any suhali
  12. Wow, quite a collection!!!! Happy Anniv!!!! LVoe it!!!!
  13. Whoa that's a lot of bags for a year! It's fabolous. You got pretty addicted eh?
  14. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! Your collection looks great (esp. after only a year!).
  15. Congrats. You have a great collection for only a year.