my one & only LoVe

  1. i just couldn't resist...

    here it is with Louis.... they're both fabulously ginormous!

    im pretty sure im not the type who can swing it. the Louis strass is more than enough for me to handle. but i know i've just got to have one. so i've decided to give the LoVe to my mum instead. she can wear it with her Olympe Cirrus :yes:
  2. It's gorgeous, deluxed! Congrats!
  3. aw its gorgeous i hope your mom enjoys it :biggrin:
  4. :nuts: what a great gift and u get to see it always too!
  5. LOVE it! I'm sure your mum will too.:heart:
  6. I'm sure your mom will love it. Congrats!
  7. Stunning as per usual:heart:
  8. not really. only on holidays, she lives in a different city.
  9. Will you wear the Louis pin on your suit jackets? I think the pin is awesome, but I don't get to wear suits very often... I also like the BIG flower pin :p
  10. yes. i wear blazers all the time. but i don't think i'll wear the Louis pin as often and definitely not out in daylight. im not too crazy about the big Flower pin though.
  11. Mr D - they are gorgeous!:nuts:
    I want them both and now your pictures have further weakened my resolve.:sweatdrop:
  12. resistance is futile. believe me. :push:
  13. What a cute pin, congrats! :biggrin:
  14. Love it! Your mom will definitely love the new "bling"!
  15. LVOE IT!!!

    Cool Pin!! I know it will look fantastic on you!!

    Cheers. Enjoy it!!