My One and Only PCE buy

Dec 20, 2006
I have been on the fence about whether to participate in this PCE because I have bought quite a bit lately and I'm goo goo gaga over several Spring 2011 bags. Plus, the holidays are upon us and I must start buying for people other than myself. But I could not stop thinking about her. I went the last day. I called Jax earlier to check on the availability of this bag as well as another bag I was considering. I was told they had 500 at Jax. When I asked about the store I was planning to go to, I was told they had 7. I felt I needed to see it in person so off I went. When I got to the store, I did not see it. I was about to ask for help when my fave SA said hi to me. She noticed my Gathered Shoulder Bag and remarked that they had a new bag in that I might want. "That's the one I came to buy!" I loved the color and could not leave her in the store.

Cobalt Patent Shoulder Bag!

I don't think the pic does her justice. I think the color looks a little dull here but it isn't. I think this color may just be difficult to capture in pics.

I'm a little on the fence about it. I keep comparing her to the Gathered Shoulder Bag and I really shouldn't. They are very different. Because of the patent, this bag feels like it has a bit more structure. It had flat short handles as opposed to the rolled handles on the Gathered Shoulder bag. I prefer the rolled handles. It is not a fair comparison as I am just so in love with the Gathered Shoulder bag! But I love Patent and I could not pass up the opportunity to have a darker blue patent bag ( I already have a sky blue patent Leah).

BTW I was so glad to see this SA. I felt bad that I did not give her the Gathered Shoulder Bag sale. I did not see her in the store at the time and the other SA helped me when I had come in earlier in the week to check out the bag so I was happy to give her the sale but then I saw my fave SA when I was checking out. Yikes! I don't think she was too bothered by it. She is always busy and she knows I have sought her out in the past when I came in to buy a bag.

It really killed me to not get any fobs. But I was good. I'm hoping I can resist Coach until the Spring Collection launches.

P.S. You would not believe the attention my Gathered Shoulder bag received at the boutique from all the SAs. This store has a obscene number of SAs and I think every one of them commented on the bag. They were really excited about it and I think they were genuine. It was strange since the bag has been out for awhile. Maybe they all want one. I wonder how this bag is selling.
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Nov 9, 2009
WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's stunning. I can't wait to see this cobalt IRL because it doesn't seem to be that photogenic. It's also nice that your other bag got fawned over - this will lead to less fighting between the sisters at home!!


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Aug 23, 2009
I am hoping i can get this bag too! LOVE it!! definitely want to see it IRL thought b/c I agree I think none of the pictures have done this bag justice. Thank you for the reveal...its definitely an enabler ;) And CONGRATULATIONS on that beautiful bag!