My One and Only - Feel free to post pics of your pets, too!

  1. This is my one and only TRUE love :heart:: my dog Boo-Boo!!! I got her 5 years ago from my cousins who moved to China and they couldn't take her with them.

    I was told she's a Yorkie, but she doesn't really look like one. Nonetheless, I love her with all my heart.

    Agewise, she's getting there...she's already 13-14 in people years!! :crybaby:

    Feel free to post pics of your furry family... :smile:
    138.JPG 129.JPG IMG_0320.JPG
  2. Beyond cute!!!
  3. Awwwww!!! She is gorgeous!! I have a yorkie! I think they are the best, he is 4 and seriously i consider him my son:nuts:, i cant imagine loving anything more
  4. [​IMG]
  5. OMG *Lo, your dog is so adorable! What a cute picture!

    Thanks for the comments!
  6. cute picture *Lo!

    my baby is on my signature, he just turned 2...very naughty and wants all my attention, cant afford ignore him and make him sad. I love him to pieces.
  7. Awww he's so cute! Looks so innocent -- ;)
  8. Thanks Azumie!! Your baby is too cute!!! What breed is that? Mine gets upset if I ignore him too. These little guys are sooo spoiled
  9. here's my baby Kookie-- she came into this world as a mistake, her mum was a rottweiler and her dad was a golden retriever heh what a strange combination! but she turned out PERFECT and i seriously :heart::heart::heart: this dog to bits!
    Kookie HIGH FASHION.jpg kookcollage.jpg
  10. nightshade, Kookie is soooo cute!! She has such sweet eyes, BTW I love the name
  11. He's a longhaired mini dachshund ;)
  12. Kookie is so cute!

    Haha, my dog is spoiled too...sometimes she'll just bark really loudly to remind us she's still here!
  13. What a cute pup!!
  14. Thanks! Your chihuahua's are so cute!
  15. My Ishino