My one and only Chanel wallet

  1. A big wallet...almost a clutch! :search: The real color is a tad darker than what is shown in the picture due to flash. But still a very lovely rosey pink.
    pink wallet1.JPG pink wallet 2.JPG
  2. So pretty and a great color! Congrats!
  3. its pretty..=) congratz!
  4. Thanks ladies. I am not a patent person but thought this one is nice. So far it hasn't had any issue like color transfer or fading. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Very pretty-congrats!
  6. Nice wallet...pretty color - enjoy it.:smile:
    No Chanel wallets for me yet....maybe one day.
  7. lovely! congrats!!!!!
  8. nice congrats!!!!
  9. Gorgeous! :yes:
  10. Very Nice, Congrats.
  11. Very pretty, congrats!
  12. very pretty color!!
  13. Thanks for the nice comments! I am so addicted to this forum. :p
  14. its so pretty! It can dub as a wallet or a nice clutch or wristlet!

  15. love it, congrats!!