My Once Loved LV's

  1. Here are some pic of my new LV's that I bought used but in great condition. :yahoo:

    The batginolles, the epi and Agenda I got a few weeks ago. The cles just arrived yesterday.

    I'm a huge fan of buying once loved LV's if you can find then in good condition. You can save a ton that way. (enough to buy MORE :lol: )
    batig.jpg epi.jpg access.jpg
  2. Congrats! Love the BH!
  3. Hey, I am all for that! I have purchased several LV and a few Chanel bags that are beautiful, authentic and more in line with what I can pay. In fact, there is one mypoupette seller who I just emailed this morning about finding me a particular item. She has such a huge client base for consignment that I am sure she will be able to find me what I want.

    Congrats on your purchases!!!
  4. I just got my first used LV today (reade pm) and totally agree with you! It came in great condition and the pricetag gave me less guilt than usual! Its a wonderful way to go, assuming you do your research and buy from a good seller.
  5. Love your Epi Noctambule,it's gorgeous:love: Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  6. Congrats on your 3 great treasures! I love your 'once loved' but 'new to you now' black Epi. :smile:
  7. Those are all STUNNING!!!:love:
  8. Congrats! Your new LV's are beautiful. I've been buying once loved LV's too, enjoy your new purchases. :drinks:
  9. Beautiful items! :love:
  10. verrrry nice!!
  11. Great finds!
  12. They are all gorgeous!!! Congrats !!!
  13. The Noctambule is devine! I'm love that bag. May I ask how much you paid for it? I've been searching for one but I don't know what they go for.
  14. Great new stuff!
    The concept of used items going to a loving home is always sweet for the seller too, i'd bet.
  15. I agree! :yes: It's always nice to find something that's already loved a little so you're not too scared to use it. Very nice finds.