my onatah is fuzzing up!

  1. do you guys think LV will let me take it back? the suede on my onatah is fuzzing up. i think it is from the contact with other surfaces. it is after the return date for sure. I bought it in april I think. I'd much rather have the store credit for my damier speedy & wapity.
  2. I don't know about that.. They might say it's from "normal use" or something to that effect.....but it doesn't hurt to try!
  3. Since the bag is now technically in used condition (combined with the fact that it's beyond the return due date), I highly doubt that they will give you a store credit for it.
  4. It depends on whether they consider that a "defect" or "normal wear", which as we all know, can often be in the eye of the beholding SA. I'd probably call the 866 Vuitton number first, to see if other people have reported having the same problem. If they have a record of others having problems, then they might consider it a "defect" and tell you that you should be able to return it. Good luck!
  5. Oh No! Don't tell me that! Mine hasn't done that but I don't use it every day either. Please let us know what LV tells you.
  6. ^^ i have carried it probably maximum of 6 times :sad:. i'll call soon and let you guys know what LV says.
  7. You just used it six times? I don't think that should happen so quickly.
  8. I agree with BL....
  9. Bring it back to the store, but be NICE, POLITE and SMILE! Then, usually they'll give you a credit, otherwise continue to INSIST :noggin: on getting some kinda credit or exchange because I don't think Onatah's supposed to do that.
  10. I agree with this advice. Six times is way too soon for anything to be fuzzing up, and if you are Nice and Polite and you Smile the whole time, I have no doubt that they will let you exchange it for something else. Good luck!
  11. Ack!! For that amount of money, they should definitely replace it for you or give you store credit.

    Good luck Ally! Let us know how it turns out :smile:
  12. Wow I was afraid of something like that. Return it.
  13. Did you ever call LV?
  14. Ya did you ever take it back.
  15. ive had a wallet(glace) and it was chipping from the zipper and cards pressing on it.... so i brought it back and they asked me if i wanted a new one or something else... of course i got the same thing! but i have a good relationship with my store... sooo i think u should give it a try anyways!