My Olive sienna arrived...super speed

  1. Woah! I cant believe I got it so quickly from Canada.

    I only bought it about three days ago!

    Anyway this is my first sienna. I do have a Scarlett but I found it a wee bit small. The sienna is a perfect size.

    The olive leather is different to my desert scarlett too. It feels more soft and smooth....almost 'cuddlely':drool:

    The colour is a real Autumn shade and it goes well with most of my wardrobe.

    The pics of it a a bit lighter than in real life. In some light bag looks more green and more brown in others...

    Cant wait to take this bag out...:tup:


  2. Hali....that bag is sooo pretty. You took some really nice pictures. I never was into Green bags but this color Sienna is just so wonderful. So...are you thrilled???? Was the Sienna everything you'd hope it be?
  3. Oh Halzer, it looks fabulously soft and supple. What a wonderful buy and such fast shipping, I'm amazed. Congrats on such a fantastic Sienna. It's truly beautiful. I love the color.
  4. Oh, Halzer!! That bag is to die for and it looks great on you! Aren't you absolutely thrilled??? There is no doubt that there is nothing like carrying a Sienna!
  5. What a gorgeous bag - wonderful color. Looks to be in fabulous condition too. Great find, Halzer. She will quickly become one of your favorites.
  6. LOVE the color!! So very appropriate for the upcoming fall months...
  7. Oh Halzer, I'm so glad for you. I love that color and I love the Sienna. It is a perfect size, isn't it? It looks great on you too!
  8. Yes, shipping between the UK to Canada is always lightning fast. Nothing at all like the US to Canada. What a beautiful bag you received Halzer. And with what you paid, you might as well have stolen that bag. Congrats! :yes:
  9. Well dang - that was fast!!! Geez....:wtf: US to London is NOT that fast!!!!
    I LOVE that bag on you!!! I love that you show how it looks on you - it's a true beauty and keeper.
    I love it. Congratulations a million times over! :heart:
  10. Beautiful beautiful sienna! I should probably stop buying bags and start invest in a couple of coats now though, since I will be going to London soon for 1 year and I heard that people wear coats 80% of the time :sweatdrop:
  11. Sweetbee...

    I live in London and its true that coats are used more often than not. Mind you I find myself buying coats to match my bags, and not the other way around...

    LOL...I even bought the black coat Im wearing in the photo just to match my 'coloured' bags, like my rust red Biasia, and it also sets off the sienna nicely.. what colour coat to buy for my 'on-the-way' cognac marcelle!!!
  12. Ahhhh.......A vintage smooth Sienna and it's a beauty! You are one lucky gal to snag such an elusive bag. Congratulations on your very rare find. I hope that it's everything that you were wishing for!
  13. What a beauty, and it looks absolutely fabulous on you! Definately a keeper:tup:
  14. Your new bag is, indeed, beautiful!
  15. Oh it is indeed beautiful! I'm not sure who to be more jealous with your olive or the espresso girls. :wtf: