My Olive Phoebe arrived on Monday...

  1. ... and here she is:




    I've only had a quick look but I'm really happy with her. There are a few small scratches on the front but I'm sure I can live with them. The colour is gorgeous and I'm certain that if my nose wasn't completely blocked with this rotten cold I've got, the smell would be divine.

    Sorry, no modelling pics, I'm feeling really rough with this cold at the moment and look like hell (velour trackie, and all!). At some point I'm going to take pics of my whole Mulberry collection and will do some modelling pics for Jo's thread then :yes:
  2. Looks gorgeous- I love the Olive colour! Can't wait to see modelling pics so hope you feel better soon.
    By the way - try rubbing at the scratches with the dust bag as it may make them fade. A sale assistant showed me that trick in Selfridges on a chocolate bag - the scratch became much less noticable! (and i did the same thing with my choco ivy bayswater from the outlet as it had a few scratches)
  3. Ooooooooooooh, hope you feel better soon!!! And yes I agree,if you feel like death warmed up,the last thing you want to do is show everybody!!! Anyway,its something to look forward to at a later date when you feel better!

    And wow!! The Phoebe is GORGEOUS!!! I know I have not to buy any more bags for a while,but after looking at your photos I'm so tempted!(great pics btw!) I did make a new Mulberry purchase while tpf was down,but not nearly as divine as your bag!! You will have to let me know how it compares to the Elgin for holding stuff etc,what do I mean me!I'm sure everyone would like to know as well!

    As for mine,I read someone saying about the Bayswater being a mini size,went to look and fell for this,its an xmas prezzie to the Babington(God,I'm running out of excuses!)
    AWW,its got its own mini dustbag!! CUTE!!! 002.JPG AWW,its got its own mini dustbag!! CUTE!!! 006.JPG AWW,its got its own mini dustbag!! CUTE!!! 007.JPG
  4. Awww, you poor thing Dita. The bag is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations! There is nothing like retail therapy when you are not well or depressed, especially bag therapy. It cheers you up so much. Get well soon.
  5. Yay Ditab! I'm really pleased you like the olive Phoebe. The colour is so great, I've used my bag every day since it arrived. I have found I have to get it in just the right place under my arm for it to sit well, probably because of its wide bottom. I've had so many compliments on the colour. Look forward to the pics when you're feeling better.
  6. Thanks, girls. I'm feeling better than I was but still ropey. Will hopefully be all better by the weekend :yes:

    Chaz, I love that little keychain. I'd love one of those but they're so pricey... I'll wait for the sales, I think.

    OT-ish but it's my thread so I'm allowed :p I was looking on the John Lewis website, trying to make my spend up to £100 so that I can use the £20 off discount voucher, and what did I spy but the Mulberry star sign keyrings? £59. They're too shiny to go with any of my Mulberry bags but the girl who sits near me at work recently bought a large black Mabel which is just :drool: and they'd look lovely hanging off one of the handles :yes: Turns out I am able to get the large Mabel under my arm when it's not overstuffed.... but I doubt they'd ever reduce it to within my budget :tdown: Not that I'm in the market for a new bag for at least a couple of months anyway :lol:
  7. Oh ditab you've got me looking at those keyrings!!! I'm gemini and have twin boys so the keyring for me is perfect!!! erm, think I'm getting john lewis gift vouchers from work for this xmas so may treat myself!:lol:

  8. I'm gemini, too! You definitely deserve it if you've got twins. Remember to have a quick scout around for discount codes if you do buy anything from John Lewis - there are usually £10 off £50 codes floating around :yes:

    Meant to say thanks for the tip with the dustbag - will definitely try that.

  9. OK this is definitely spooky - I'm Gemini too!!
  10. Oh my goodness - are mini owning gemini mulberry owners over represented on this forum???
  11. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH THOSE MINI BAYSWATER KEYRINGS ARE TDF!!!! But I will have to refrain from now on and see if Santa brings me any Selfridges vouchers,unlikely but by then it will nearly be the sales!Yay!!!

    Ps I'm a Leo,and they always say Leos have a taste for expensive,quality,beautiful things,great to be in such good company with other zodiac signs,but the Gemini thing worries me as Sophie is a Gemini,we have to pay for her wedding,but more than that she'll be nicking my handbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. gorgeous gorgeous bag!!! *jealous smilie*