My Old NM Bookmarks.. available sale handbags!

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  1. I was just browsing through my old bookmarks I've saved during the past sales, and the Gucci messenger bag I wanted was suddenly available again and its been shipped out today!! :yahoo:

    Just thought I'd share a few links of available handbags that are on sale.. decently priced.

    Don't forget to use code WINTER for free shipping at any price.

    Chloe Ascot Hobo in Chocolate $556

    Prada Vitello Daino Pocket Tote in Brown $897

    Miu Miu Canapa & Napa Hobo in blue for $683
  2. Wow! I'm shocked! That never worked for me before, but now I know to just keep trying. Thanks. The bags are really cute!
  3. Thanks for posting!

    These must be returns. Wish they were lower prices from returned items.
  4. Sometimes, NM even raised the price higher for returned out-of-season item.
  5. That stinks!!(Sorry...did I say that?)