My old Marais with my new Purse Charm!

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  1. Just thought I'd update those interested in the Perfume ring I fell in love with as a purse charm a few months back!

    A few people might remember when I posted a thread a while back about what I thought was a really clever solid perfume ring:

    Well I bought the key ring with plans to use it on my new Spring LV bag for this year. AND I wound up purchasing the Monty GM ( last weekend.

    BUT sadly, the perfume ring didn't seem to work that well on the Monty; and I really liked the smell of the perfume too!

    But then fate stepped in today and the weather became rainy and a bit dreary. So in fear for the Monty's spanking new vachetta, I brought out my Damier Marais and I think the results are favorable!

    But maybe I'm just biased.... :love:

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  2. looks great to me:yes:
  3. love it!!!!
  4. sooo cute!!
  5. I love it - the Marais is gorgeous!
  6. Im in Love with that perfume ring! Sooo adorable!
  7. Looks great!
  8. It's cute!
  9. THAT little daisy is super cute!
  10. Thanks everyone!! I really do love how it looks (have been using this bag for work now) and I must say I do LOVE being able to apply MJ Daisy so easily!!! ;)

    That little Daisy is so sweet!!! Makes my bag feel new all over again!
  11. It looks great...I love it!!
  12. The results indeed are favorable! Lovely.
  13. I like the way it looks! I adore bag charms. I think it adds personality ...