My old LV bag with my new multicolore bandeau

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  1. Bought a white MC bandeau to revamp my old Bronze Vernis bowling bag! Surprisingly, the bronze colour matched my Obsession Carre Honey sunglasses.
    Cant wait for the sun to shine! (its raining here in the UK!)

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  2. Looks great together! Love the bowling bag!!
  3. I agree!! The weather sucks doesn't it - I say bring back all the sunshine!!

    The sunglasses match your bag a treat though. They're both gorgeous together (and so's the white MC bandeau:heart:...which is also next on my hit-list too ;))
  4. Beautiful combo!
  5. Beautiful! I love the bag and the bandeau!
  6. Loving the bandeau!
  7. Congrats...lovely bandeau!
  8. congrats!
  9. Come over to Oz, it's super warm here at the moment..beautiful one day, perfect the next...
  10. very pretty, congrats!!
  11. looks good.
  12. pretty :smile: yeah UK rain sucks!
  13. Oooohh!!! Looks lovely!
  14. Looks beautiful. Bronze is also one of my fave vernis colors.
  15. it looks great!