My old girl is sick :(

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  1. 10 years ago I adopted a little tiny girl and named her Sabrina. The vet estimated she was 3-6 when she was adopted. Since that first day she has been the queen bee. She is the boss of all the other cats and especially the dogs. My 80 pound Greyhounds are afraid to walk by her. I have never had one problem with her in the last 10 years. Now I find out she has liver disease. :sad: She had stopped grooming herself so I took her to see the vet. Now I know why. She has never been a big girl. She was 6 pounds at her heaviest. She is only down 1/2 pound but it looks like more on her. I just hate that they have to get old and sometimes sick. The vet gave me some meds for her. An antibiotic (her white cell count is up) and a milk thistle type med called Marin. I am lucky that Sabrina still eats like a piggy as she always has. Hopefully the meds will make her feel better and she will stick around a while. I know there is no cure but if anyone has any experience with this and has suggestions I would really like to hear them. Here is my sweet little girl. I really hope she is with me for a while longer. I am just not ready to let her go.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear this.
    But like your signature says "don't cry because it's over..."

    We will be here for you.
  3. Aw I'm so sorry about your kitty. :hugs:
  4. Cindi... I am so sorry... I lament the fact that we never have enough time with our beloved pets, ever. Sabrina looks like a wee angel, what a sweet girl. Just think about the great life that you have given Sabrina, and know that she will always live in your heart.

  5. ^^ (((hugs))) i'm so sorry :cry:
  6. Oh your poor kitty :sad: I hope the medication helps make her more comfortable. Like someone else said, we're here for you!!
  7. Cindi: I'm sorry your cat is's so hard when our fur babies get older... ((hugs)) to you and Sabrina
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I started her on a diuretic today so hopefully that will take some of the extra fluid out. She has her ultrasound on Tuesday. Please everyone keep your fingers crossed pr say a prayers they don't find cancer. At least if it is just a liver problem we can treat it. If it's cancer.....well, I don't want to think about that yet.
  9. Oh, Cindi, I'm so sorry to read about your kitty being ill. I hope all goes well with the medication, and good luck with the ultrasound on Tuesday.
  10. Saying a prayer for Sabrina, Cindi. Times like this are the toughest for pet lovers. I hope you and her vet can help her be comfortable as long as possible.

    Hugs to you and your kitty!
  11. Very sorry to hear about Sabrina.:sad: Let us know what the ultrasound results are.
  12. will be thinking of you both.
    sorry you are going through this,big hug...
  13. Hope the ultrasound brings good news. :hugs:
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about Sabrina, hopefully the ultrasound brings good news. She's so pretty, I love fluffy cats. I bet she is really dainty, too. What a sweetie!

    I too hate that our pets grow old. But at least we can be comforted in knowing we give them a good life with lots of love and comfort.

    We're here for you!
  15. Thanks everyone. Only 1 week ago she was acting perfectly she is very weak and not at all herself. She is still eating so the weakness can only be from her disease. I have told my vet that if she finds something terrible tomorrow, something we can't treat or will cause her quality of life to be poor I don't want them to wake her up. I would rather let her go while she is already asleep than have to wake her and cause her more suffering by trying in vain to treat her. I will not let this sweet little girl suffer. It will be so hard for me to drop her off tomorrow morning knowing it may be the last time I see her alive. I am hoping for the strength to get through this. I am hoping it is just her liver involved and with treatment she can live and be happy for a while longer...I just don't think that's the case. But I will not give up hope yet.