My Old Faithfull's Died...Any Suggestions?

  1. My Gucci Guccissima Black Pumps are dead :crybaby:I have literally worn a hole in them they where so comfortable perfect for everything shoes

    So now I need a new pair of super comfy perfect for everything shoes

    I'm going to Paris shopping this week so the fashion world is my oyster

    At the minute I'm just thinking of getting the same pair again but before I do I wondered if any one had any suggestions I should try out first
  2. Oh Claire, a Paris shopping trip I am so jealous! Now back to your original question, I find the CL simple pumps to be super comfy and they wear really well. Just a thought, you can't go wrong with another pair of Gucci's though! Have a wonderful trip, shop like crazy and show us tons of pics!
  3. ^ I've drawn up a bag shortlist if I bought them all the difference between buying them in UK & buying in Paris is approx $700 worth isn't that crazy!!
    anyway that's another topic LOL
  4. OMG, I need to get into your luggage and shop with you! That is a huge savings, Paris is the place to be!
  5. *sign* So jealous!!!

    Happy Shopping!!!