My OLD Alma

  1. Has anyone had their Alma re-done. I was hoping to have the handles and bottom replaced, but would I be better off just buying a new one?

    Any ideas on replacement costs for the handles, and bottom?

    It is 10 years old, and I adore Patina...but it has become just too dark for my taste.

  2. I believe it would be around... $530 USD?
  3. I would keep it! Or you could possibly pass the older alma down to someone, and get a new one?
  4. Seems to pricey for the vachetta 2b replaced. I'd buy a new 1 and keep the old 2 pass down or 4 throwaround.

    BTW Welcome to tPF!
  5. Wow, what quick responses. Thank you so much.

    I didn't realize that the replacement work was so expensive, I was hoping not more than $300 (silly me!)

    I think you are all right, I might as well just keep it as is. I'd rather put $500+ toward a new azur bag.

    I read you guys everyday...finally got the nerve to post. I've been loving my LV's since my first paycheck out of college (15 years ago!)

    I can't tell you how much I love seeing your amazing collections.

    This is so much fun!
  6. I was told the handles and bottom would be about 400$ cnd that was about a yr ago.
  7. I regret replacing the leather on mine! When it came back with the bill of $1150. I could have bought another one for $1200 instead! BTW, this was the all vachetta one and that's bad enough! $530 or something to replace partial leather!!! Keep the old one and buy a brand new one.

  8. WOW:wtf: I hope they did a GREAT job :wtf:
  9. ^^ 1150 to redo an alma, Thought if its more then half the cost of a new one they let you know or wont do it ?

    I would have flipped it they did it and didnt tell me the cost.
  10. Eeek! :wtf:

    You say this was the all vachetta Alma? I think that's why yours came out to be more... I believe the OP was just asking about how much it would be just to replace the handles and bottom, so $400-$550 sounds about right.
  11. No, they did not do a good job in repairing my Alma. In fact, they had to replace my bag with a new one!

    ^Yes, John... :flowers: I know the OP was talking about just the handles and the bottom. Sorry, if I shocked ya'll. :sad: But, even at the price you're mentioning. I think it's worth buying a new one than to go through 3-4 months for a bag to be repaired. Not to mention the frustration including anguish, especially waiting all that time. The Alma is only $900 today and that price is right on the mark on what LV would charge. Logically I wouldn't spend half that money again to be caused so much grief when my bag came back. Which nearly took 8 mos. I was really displeased and only to be told it's still in the USA factory!:wtf: So, if anyone questions why I don't like a certain c_____ manufacturing. This is my prime example.
  12. Sell the old Alam and put that $ into a new bag :yes:
  13. I tried to sell my (barely used) Montsouris some time ago, but it was removed. It is as real as can be, but I don't have the paperwork...because in 1998, I wasn't keeping that sort of thing for eBay. So, I think I will keep it (my Alma) for rainy fact I used it today. I hadn't taken it out in months, and today it was pouring outside..and I didn't even worry about it!

    I guess that is the upside to the dark brown vachetta!

    $500+ and a whole lot of headache saved, thanks for walking me through what now is an obvious decision!

    You guys are wonderful, I never expected such warm and thoughtful responses.